Travel Checklist With 8 Small But Useful Things

Travel Checklist With 8 Small But Useful Things


When the Wright brothers imagined what it would be like to fly an aeroplane they had no idea what the industry would turn into. When they flew the first airplane, they had to pedal their way into the air, and the small craft came back down to earth in a few seconds. Now, we have airplanes that can travel across oceans on sixteen and eighteen hour flights, not having to refuel or make any stops on the way. Along with these planes, we have thousands of people aboard them who travel for business, for pleasure, and to experience foreign lands. With these explorations comes baggage and sometimes it costs more than the ticket itself, if the person is not careful with how much they are carrying. In this article, we will be talking about and listing eight small but useful things you need to have in your travel checklist.

Travel Checklist With 8 Small But Useful Things

As mentioned in the introduction traveling comes with baggage. Too often, people forget some of the most important items, pack too much, or forget to charge their electronics. Another mistake that travelers make is packing big items that should not be packed. For example, my aunt loves shoes, to the point where she will take an extra piece of luggage so that she can have a different pair of shoes everyday of her trips. Hopefully, you’re not like her. Even if you’re not packing multiple pieces of luggage, you need to pay attention to the following 8 small but useful things you need to keep when traveling:

  • Backpack with padded straps
  • Plastic Bags
  • Money Belt
  • Dry Sack
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Snack and Protein Bars
  • Power Bar

The backpack with padded straps can also be substituted by a sturdy, spacious and lightweight tote bag when you’re out travelling. It can add to your style quotient too. It’s really just a personal preference though. Some people prefer to have one strap over their shoulders with less items in it, others prefer the double padded straps of the backpack in order to carry more weight inside it. We put this item on the list, not because it is necessarily “small,” but because it is small enough to be considered a carry-on. You can also opt for smaller types of backpacks, especially if you are a woman, the backpack for some reason gets shrunk down to a petite level.

Next on the list is one of our most essential items; plastic bags. You can get a small pack of ten to twenty plastic bags from places like the dollar store or Walmart to carry with you in your backpack. Now that we think of it, all of these items will fit in your backpack. Now, back to the plastics bags. The reason why they are important is because you will have carry items like shampoo, soap, deodorant, maybe some lipstick, and other toiletry items which you don’t want to be carrying in singles inside of your luggage. Get one or two plastic bags and put everything in them. This will prevent any spills from happening and will keep the contents safe.

In addition to the backpack and the plastic bags, another small item to have with you when traveling is a money belt. Often called a “fanny pack,” a money belt can be a very useful tool to have when you’re traveling so that you never forget where you put your passport, cell phone, I.D., wallet, etc. You can carry all of your small essentials in the money belt, and the bigger essentials in the backpack or tote. In addition to the backpack and money belt, a dry sack is a great item if you’re going to be doing small excursions or shopping for essentials. Instead of always carrying your backpack, the dry sack is a smaller, lighter version for simple things like a water bottle and maybe a towel and sunscreen.

The following item was created for a very specific reason; to save people from the cold. The emergency blanket will be a wonderful addition to your travel items, and it is better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have one. There will be times where you’re traveling to a new place and either will forget to check the weather forecast, or the weather decides to do something different while you’re there, dropping a few degrees and making you extremely cold, even with the hotel sheets. For that reason, you should carry a few emergency blankets. If you end up not using them, you can be a good human and give them to someone on the street who really needs them.

Though you will have time to shop in whatever place you travel to, it’s always nice to have a treat from home. You may not be allowed to take your favorite protein or snack bars onto the plane, but you can certainly purchase them at the airport. In case the event we mentioned above happens and there’s a blizzard outside your hotel, you will at least have some protein bars to keep you happy, and an emergency blanket to keep you warm.

Finally, the eighth item to take on your travels is a power bar. There’s nothing worse than needing to use your phone and having it be at 1% battery. With a power bar, you will be able to keep your phone charged at all times.


In conclusion, in this article, we discussed some of the items you should take with you on every one of your flights. Because planes have restrictions on how much you can carry and how big something can be, we chose items that are fairly small. The biggest item will be your tote or backpack, but if it is considered a carry-on, then it’s small enough. All of the other items will fit in this bag and you will know that you have everything you need in order to make your travels safe, and keep everything small.