The Latest Technology For A “Smart” Bathroom

The Latest Technology For A “Smart” Bathroom

What’s Teching in Your Bathroom?

Technology is becoming more prominent everywhere, and that includes your bathroom. Whether you like to indulge and unwind in the bathroom or use it to escape and seek solidarity, these high-tech additions will elevate the experience to a whole new level of luxury. You may never want to leave your bathroom.

Taking a shower has become an indulgence. Showers are increasing in size and offer a range of features such as multiple showerheads; chromotherapy–color therapy using LEDs in your shower; small, sleek and powerful speakers; digital shower systems that can customize the water temperature, the combination of shower heads, the spray of the water, lighting, and even music with the touch of a button on a touchpad.

Digital Shower

A steam room provides the ultimate luxury with pore-opening moist heat that relaxes the muscles and the mind; Some systems can even be operated wirelessly from a smartphone or other device, enabling you to start the perfect shower before you even step out of bed. Some systems can also save personalized settings for multiple users.

AquaPat-Shower Steam Room Combination

Your high-tech bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a high-tech toilet. These toilets are available with a range of features, including heated seats, bidet functions, integrated dryers, the two-flush option (depending on if you did #1 or #2) that saves on water usage; a touch-free toilet flush-wave a hand over the Delta Flush Q’s sensor to activate the flush; toilet seats that automatically open and close, automatic air deodorizer, heated seats, electrolyzed water to self-clean the bowl, a nightlight, and Bluetooth capability for streaming music. Some even allow you to customize your personal preference from a remote.

Delta FlushIQ’s sensor to activate the flush.

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers have been common in public restrooms but they are now more commonplace in residential bathrooms as well. Other faucets use LED lights to indicate the water temperature, using blue for cool and red for hot-great for kids.

A heated towel warming drawer makes sure towels are not only organized and out of the way but perfectly toasty when you need them.

Wolf Towel-warming drawer

Vanity mirror with a TV set flush with the glass. This waterproof TV is seamlessly integrated into a mirror and features a floating remote.

A toothbrush that will show you what spots you missed. The SmartSeries brush from Oral-B syncs to your phone to give you professional advice on how to take good care of your teeth and even show you what spots you missed!

Seura Mirror-TV

A robot mop that sweeps and mop your tile floor. The iRobot Braava will clean your floor cleaning tough places like around the toilet and under the cabinet.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom and include the latest “smart” technology, these are some of the coolest gadgets out there that can really tech out your bathroom and wow all your guests.