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Tips For Finding the Perfect Push Lawn Mower

Looking for the Perfect Lawn Mower?

There are many different lawn mowers on the market to meet a variety of lawn mowing needs. However, a mower that is perfect for your neighbor may not be the right one for you. To be sure you select the mower that best meets your specific needs, you’ll want to consider the size of your yard, whether your yard is hilly or flat, the number of trees or other obstacles to will have to mow around, as well as the needs of the person doing most of the mowing.

Here are some tips that can help you find the lawnmower that will meet your specific needs. (Note: If your lawn is more than 3/4 acres, you may want to consider a riding lawn mower.)

There are three main types of push lawn mowers: gas-powered, electric and manual reel.

  1. Gas mowers deliver more power and a wider cutting swath. Gas mowers are a good choice for larger yards up to 1/2 acre in size. A gas mower provides more power than an electric mower and doesn’t have the restriction of a battery charge or power cord.
  2. Electric mowers offer quieter operation and no emissions. They are effective for relatively flat lawns measuring 1/3 acre or less; they will start with the flip of a switch and are quieter and run cleaner than gas push mowers. Electric mowers can be either cordless or corded.  Electric Cordless mowers feature rechargeable batteries and give you more mobility than corded models. Electric Corded mowers don’t require recharging, offering unlimited runtime. However, the power cord restricts the operating area, making it a challenge to mow large lawns or those with trees or other obstructions. Corded mowers require a suitable extension cord.
Corded electric self-propelled lawn mower
  1. Manual reel mowers are economical and great for small lawns. Manual lawn mowers or reel mowers are a good option if you have a small, flat yard and don’t want to rely on power cords, batteries or gasoline, a reel mower is an option.
Manual Lawnmowers or reel mowers are a good option for a small, flat yard

 Push Mower or Self-Propelled?

  • Push Mowers are ideal for flat yards under a ¼ acre. Their cutting deck ranges from 20-22 inches, which is the perfect size to quickly and efficiently make your lawn look beautiful. If you are in good physical condition this may be a great way to save when purchasing a new lawnmower.
  • Self-Propelled Mowers are perfect for yards up to ¾ acre. The mower automatically moves forward and you just walk behind to control its path. Self-Propelled lawn mowers offer both front and rear wheel drive:
    • Front-wheel drive mowers are remarkably easy to maneuver and turn. Swivel front wheels make this possible by allowing easy 180-degree turns. These are perfect for smaller yards with numerous obstacles.
    • Rear-wheel drive mowers have better traction on hills and better steering control but may make it a little harder to make sharp turns. These mowers are suited for open yards with steep hills.
    • All-wheel drive (AWD) models provide power to all four wheels, giving you benefits in both level and hilly yards.

Lawn Mower Features

Starting Systems – An easy-starting lawn mower is one of the most important features.

  • Electric Starting Systems eliminate pull starts all together. Simply prime the engine and turn the key for quick, dependable starts without any maintenance required.
  • Automatic Choke Starting System comes ready to run. Simply engage the safety handle and pull the starter rope for a hassle-free start.

Grass Clippings Disposals – Mowers treat clippings in one of three ways.

  • Bagging is a technique used to catch cut grass. They are available as both rear and side bagging mowers. Rear bagging mowers give you more maneuverability around trees and landscaping throughout your yard.
  • Mulching mowers use mulching blades that cut the grass into fine pieces and return them to your lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. This works to enhance your lawn and does not require any extra time or money. It also eliminates the time you may spend emptying the grass out of a bagging mower.
Mulching lawn mowers help keep a green and healthy yard by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings
  • Side discharge models do not have a bag to catch the clippings so clippings shoot out the side as you go. To avoid a messy looking lawn, you will need to rake up and bag the clippings.
Side discharge mower shoots clipping out the side of the mower and onto the lawn.

To make mowing your lawn an easier chore, match your lawn mower to the size of your yard. Start by finding one that is comfortable to use with a good number of add-ons for convenience. Whether you’ve got acres of lawn or just a tiny patch of grass, you’ll want a capable mower that gets the job done.