Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set

The Biggest Gift of All: Backyard Swings and Playsets

Swingsets and Playsets You’ll Love

You’re probably thinking, why buy backyard playsets at this time of year? It’s cold. It’s going to snow. The kids wouldn’t be able to use it.

Is saving money a good reason? Now, is a great time to make the purchase and take advantage of the off-season sales.

Purchasing a swing set for your backyard can be a big investment, so it’s important to know what materials are used in the construction of your family’s playset and how those materials will hold up throughout the years.

Most swing and playsets are constructed using vinyl, wood or metal. Vinyl offers low maintenance, durability, and longevity. Wood blends seamlessly with nature, however, it will also require a lot of upkeep. Metal is the least costly, however, a big disadvantage is you will need to anchor the structure.

Swings and playsets can be pre-built or custom built for your backyard or play area and most come in these designs:

  • Angled-base playsets are designed to be sturdy, height-adjustable and create the most deck space.
  • Adjustable-base playsets are made with adjustable bases that can be moved up and down to fit the uneven terrain.
  • Multi-level playset designs combine multiple playset different designs into one model.

Additional features that can come with the backyard swing and playsets are slides, swings, clubhouses, rock walls, rope ladders, and bridges.

Backyard Swings and Playsets can be customized by adding miscellaneous accessories such as telescope, telephones, flowers, and shutters.

Warranties and Safety Features are important to consider especially warranties that cover the components, parts, and equipment.

Consumeraffairs.com has reviewed and rated these companies as the producers of quality Backyard Swings and Playsets.

Eastern Jungle Gym – Top Rated 

Backyard Playsets
Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set

Eastern Jungle offers more than 70 swing set models to choose from and three Swing Set Series each offering specific features and design. Straight base series with the sales price starting at $1,500 to $2,499. Angle Base Series with sale price from $1,699 to $2,799, and the Multi-deck Series with sale price from $3,499 to $9,599. easternjunglegym.com

Backyard Discovery, the number one manufacturer of wooden swing sets in the U.S., has Holiday Deals start at $410.50 up to $2,351.75. backyarddiscovery.com/collections/holiday-2017-daily-deals


Cedarworks Backyard Playset

Designs and manufactures splinter-free outdoor swingsets, playhouses and backyard toys. Holiday Sale going on now. https://www.cedarworks.com/sale/holiday-sale

Champ Craft Play Sets

Amish-made wooden swing and playsets crafted out of resurfaced, pressure treated pine. consumers looking for a do-it-yourself, customizable playset. Sales prices start at $975.00 – $1,995.00


Big Backyard

Big Backyard Playsets

Lists pricing for each playset model online, and they range from less than $500 up to $1,300. The two models of playhouses are listed at around $320.  http://www.bigbackyard.com

Lifetime Playsets

Heavy-duty commercial quality construction built to last and simple to set-up.


Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla makes ready-to-assemble playsets using quality cedar wood components. Holidays deals starting at $999.00.


Adventure World Playsets

Adventure World Playsets

This playset makes durable vinyl swing and can be customized into over 100 combinations.


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