How Property Styling Can Enhance Home Value When on Sale

How Property Styling Can Enhance Home Value When on Sale

Many homeowners who want to put their property for sale are not sure of how to style their property for retaining maximum value. Many homes can achieve better sales and value only if they could put some work into the presentation. Since is your home is the primary asset, it is essential to opt for handy property styling tips that enhance the value in more ways than one.

Buyers pay more for the property if it feels fresh, well-maintained and spacious. Property styling isn’t an option since for all homes for sale, it is an absolute must. Most homeowners who want to put their home for sale are usually competing with newly built properties that look fresh and enticing. To attract potential buyers and get a boost in the price, you need interiors and style that enhances the look and feel of the home. Advantage Property Styling Sutherland Shire, that can consult on handy property styling advice driving the value of your home, better than you could expect.

Here are some property styling tips that can help your home boost its value when on sale:

  • Create an uncluttered space

As much you would want to feature the best décor or styling, you need to get all sentimental pieces out from your home. It’s important that the property is showcased to the buyer with a clean slate. Potential purchasers love to see a home without the clutter, or the stylish furniture or décor unless that is being sold separately. Buyers are attracted to a property when they can visualise their belongings fitting in within the property.

Get rid of any clutter or huge pieces of furniture. By making each of the rooms plain and uncluttered, prospective buyers will see the possibility of their own belongings within the spaces.

  • Develop a sense of space within rooms and adequate storage

Every home buyer is keen to buy a home with lots of storage space and not one that is short on overall space. If they feel the house is too compact with small spaces, they will focus their energies on the next property.  Keep bulky storage units handy to showcase how your room is organized, while giving the impression that the rooms have enough removable storage units without adding any clutter to room space. All drawers and cupboards need to render a perception of ample storage space. Buyers focus on styling options along with what is not present. They look through cupboards and drawers to gauge the storage space that they can use.

During an open home, leave some items in the storage space to give purpose. Buyers then try to visualize based on the purpose you give to each space and then venture to add some flexibility to the home’s functionality.

  • Paint your home in neutral colours and a light palette

Do not use any bold paint colours on your home walls or else it could put off some potential buyers. White walls allow more buyers who would be interested in the home since they can easily visualize or imagine themselves in your home. Plain and neutral walls create a sense of adequate space. Keep a soft, neutral carpet in place of an old one while dressing up your bedroom with crisp white bed linen with some colourful pillows and cushions.

  • Clean your home till it is sparkly and beautiful

Give every floor and wall surface a good scrub especially kitchen spaces and bathrooms. Prospective buyers never prefer a dirty, soiled bathroom or an unkempt kitchen. Keep plants and towels in the bathroom along with hand soap dispensers. Mop every open space that will be inspected. Use the right light fittings after cleaning all cobwebs in the house.

It is essential to keep the above property styling tips in mind before you keep an open house to put your home for sale. Also, consider this: if you have some money from your sales campaign, invest in some cool flowers and plants along with scented candles within your property. Also, you can dress up your kitchen with some fresh fruits and tidbits on the main table to add colour to the view.