Whitman Homes

Whitman Homes

Since 1991 Whitman Homes has been built some of the finest quality homes in Eastern Massachusetts. The company’s management team of Rich Whittington, Tim Porter and Bart O’Brien have created a cohesive team of professionals that are passionate about homebuilding. Their innovating home building philosophy and functional living designs have set a standard for new home construction in our region.

From the start, the company has focused on one simple premise, listen closely to the customer’s needs, create a vision for their homes and execute each individual project to perfection. Their attention to detail, top quality craftsman-ship, construction and award winning designs have made them one of the region’s most sought after builders. The company has de-signed and built over 600 homes in some of the finest communities in New England for hundreds of satisfied customersAt the Pinehills in Plymouth, one of the best planned residential communities in the country, Whitman Homes was one of the firs 3 builders on the project designing and constructing over 200 homes. At the Bay Club Mattapoisett, Whitman built the model home at the facility and has since built over 15 custom designed residences on the property. In addition to being one of the preferred builders at The Bay Club, Whitman Homes is currently building homes at The Pinehills in Climber’s Path and Boatwright’s Loop, a townhouse community. The company’s newest communities are Farm Springs in Braintree, Waverly Oaks in Plymouth and Roscommon in Walpole. The company is also building or have recently completed custom residences in Metro West and the South Shore.

In an interview with Bart O’Brien the companies architect and construction principle, Bart said,” Our company came into the business at a time when new homebuyers were looking for more imaginative ideas and designs in their new homes. The market for decades had become stagnant with new home builders offering much of the same in design and building. We tried to change all of this by building homes from the inside out. Listening to our clients and how they actually want to use living space day to day and on special occasions give us a better opportunity to create something special for each individual client. The Pinehills is a wonderfully planned community that functions well for residents, building homes with the same sense of planning just made sense to us. We made the process of planning space as important as planning other key facets of construction, like energy efficiency These principles insure that each homeowner is actively involved in choosing how they want a home designed from the inside out, instead of more traditional outside in designs that limit flexibility of living space. Whether a home is 1600 sq. ft. or 6000 sq. ft. the same disciplines apply. We build homes from $350,000 to $3.5 million dollars and in every case the rules are the same”.

Each home is its own separate tapestry, with its own unique character and personality. It is this distinctive design philosophy that has earned Whitman Homes the reputation as one of New England’s most respected custom builders. Our goal is not to be the largest builder, just the fi-est. We offer our clients a sense of pride and caring and a level of service that we believe is unmatched. Our clients not only expect it from us, they deserve it. For more information go to www.whitmanhomes.com