Home Maintenance Checklist


Are You A New Homeowner?

Chances are you didn’t just get on your first bike and take off down the street. You had to learn how to ride your bike – you fell, got up, brushed yourself off and got back on.

Your home is no different. If you’re a first-time home buyer, it is likely that you will make some mistakes. A little negligence here and a few bad habits there can end up costing you or putting your safety at risk. Through trial and error, you will become a homeowner expert. However, it can’t hurt to take advice from seasoned homeowners.

Four Unsafe and Costly Mistakes New Homeowners Make:

1. Ignoring Small Maintenance Problems –

Ignoring the small problems can lead to expensive fixes down the road. For example, a constantly running toilet in the bathroom can waste up to 200 gallons of water a per day and let’s face it, we’ve all had a dripping faucet in our home and have probably ignored it for a while! That running toilet and dripping faucet not only wastes water, it wastes money on your water bill. Save money by fixing small problems as soon you discover there’s an issue. What may seem like a simple fix can easily lead to a more difficult job and bigger problems down the road. Professional plumbers advise homeowners whether they need a replacement or repair is possible.

Leaking Toliet
Don’t Ignore Small Maintenance Problems

2. Assuming you can make all your home repairs –

You might think you’re saving money, but you could be putting yourself in danger or creating a bigger problem. Electrical connection problems can and sometimes do cause electrical fires in homes. Often the connection faults are caused by the homeowner. Leave all electrical problems to the professionals; there is a reason why they are required to get extensive training and licensing.

electrical failure in power outlet isolated
Electrical Failure In Power Outlet

3. Assuming your Windows, Doors and Furnace Are Energy Efficient –
When you’re moving into a new home, you should always do an Energy Audit as soon as possible with special focus on your windows, doors and furnace to make sure you’re not wasting precious dollars. You could end up wasting as much as $600 a year from lost energy.

Energy Audit
Energy Audit

4. Ignoring a Rodent Problem –
The moment you suspect unwanted guests are living on your property, it’s time to call a professional exterminator. Mice and other rodents are notorious for chewing the protective sheathing off electrical wires, leaving the underlying heated metal exposed. Unprotected electrical wiring can lead to short circuiting and sparks. By ignoring the problem, you run the risk of a potential house fire.

Pest Control
Pest Control