It is impossible to have a green lawn without water. Some places are lucky enough to receive exactly the right amount of water from rainfall. For the rest of us, sprinklers are the best way to deliver water to the entire lawn.
 Lawns with irrigation (automatic sprinkler) systems grow better and faster than lawns that rely on hand watering. Lawn irrigation systems are also an excellent way to avoid excess watering since rain sensors turn the system off when there is adequate moisture in the grass and zones allow you to use less water in shady areas.
Today, lawn irrigation systems have become a much more popular addition to new homes. The luxury of not having to worry about the health of your lawn and flower beds is an attractive benefit that many home buyers look for when deciding on a new home.
However, for those of us who are currently dragging a hose out into the yard with a portable sprinkler head attached to it, this may be a good time to consider installing a lawn irrigation system. Consider the pros and cons of a sprinkler system so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the benefits:


Sprinklers automatically pop-up to water your lawn

Convenience: You can set a timer so the sprinklers automatically pop up and water your lawn at set times on certain days of the week.

Unlike your water hose, automatic sprinklers do a better job of watering your lawn, are safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetics and safety: There’s nothing attractive about a garden hose stretched across your lawn. If you don’t put the hose away after every watering session, your lawn looks messy and the hose can create a safety hazard. In contrast, automatic sprinkler heads pop up out of the ground, water your lawn and disappear again when they’re finished. This makes automatic sprinklers the safer, more aesthetically pleasing option.
Water the optimal amount: Advanced lawn irrigation systems feature weather and soil moisture sensors to deliver the right amount of water right when it’s needed. By sensing rain, an advanced system will skip the scheduled watering to avoid over-saturating your lawn and save you money.
Water at the optimal time: The best time to water grass is early in the morning between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Watering in the morning allows the water to soak in over the course of the day, reducing fungal problems. The easiest way to take advantage of early-morning watering is to set a timer on your automatic sprinkler system.

With an irrigation system, you can go on vacation and come home to a beautiful, green lawn.

Water while you’re out of town:  Just because you want to get away doesn’t mean you should be punished with a yellow lawn when you return. Automatic sprinklers eliminate the need to ask a neighbor to water your lawn for you while you’re out of town.

Some drawbacks of installing a sprinkler system:



Installing a lawn irrigation system will require your lawn to be dug up so pipes can be installed.

Installing a sprinkler system requires areas of the lawn to be dug up so pipes can be installed and attached to the home’s plumbing system. This can take days or even weeks depending on the size of the installation.
Expense: Perhaps one reason you haven’t installed a sprinkler system is because of the perceived cost. You’ll never know unless you ask. There are many local professionals in your area; get several quotes and know the cost before you get started.