Top 5 Warning Signs To Know If Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing

Top 5 Warning Signs To Know If Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing

The beauty of a house can be judged, even from far, by the color, design, and age of the roof. Shingle roofs are lovely when in a good state. However, this beauty fades away with time, especially when the shingle roof begins to grow old. Even so, the good news is that you can always get a new roof without having to construct a new house from scratch.

Shingle roofs can take long to leak, even if they are already old enough to justify replacement. So how will you know that it is now time to replace your shingle roof? The following signs on your shingle roof should not be ignored. Whenever you see any of them, it is time to replace the roof.

  1. Bare spots and missing granules

If the downspouts are not correctly placed, there is a lack of eavestrough or the valley drainage on the second story is poorly designed, this can cause a waterfall effect, which will subsequently wash away granules. This can also be as a result of physical damage to the roof.

Once the shingle loses the protective granules, the exposure to the sun and heat means the shingle will begin to harden. The shingle will then start to age faster and to decay. If this is not immediately taken care of, it will eventually lead to leakage.

You should start working on how to replace roof shingles whenever these signs begin to appear. Do not take chances. Do not wait things grow worse, and the roof is already leaking.

  1. Missing or broken shingles

Shingles can be broken by physical damages of different types. It may be that the roof was hit by a tree or just some heavy object that was thrown there, perhaps by playing children. Even a powerful wind can break one or a few shingles.

The result of the breakage is that the roof system will become very weak. This means the roof will not be able to shed water; thus the roof is likely to leak. When these signs start to appear, especially if it gets to the point of leaking, it is time to call for roof leak repair services, to ensure the situation doesn’t worsen. If the roof is not repaired in good time, the leakage will spread, and other shingles will be loosened. At this point, you will need to think seriously about replacing your roof.

  1. Damaged flashing

Anything leading to expansion or construction can lead to separation of the flashing details.  This is due to the loosening of the fasteners. The bottom flashing flange will then lift, hence allowing the entry of water.

This situation can quickly run out of control if not immediately taken care of. It is advisable to quickly look for a contractor offering affordable roofing services from near you who will be able to restore your roof to its good shape before things get worse.

  1. Curling or crawling shingles

Whenever you see these signs, know that your roof is growing old, and will need to be replaced immediately. Shingles can curl or crawl either because the roof is aging, or due to excessive heat.  The result of this is that the roof becomes vulnerable to uplift, and can easily be damaged by ice during the winter season. The shingles usually become rigid and can break very easily. They will also tend to lose tab ages faster.

When shingles begin to curl and crawl, there is very little that can be done, except to replace the roof. You cannot straighten curled shingle, and there is no way you are going to make it fit well to prevent the ultimate breakage.

  1. Buckling shingles

In this case, you will notice waved distortions that run along the roof slope. Once the shingles are in this condition, they become very vulnerable to ice damage and wind. In case of fast winds, the shingles can be torn off, exposing the entire roof. This usually happens because the roof is old and needs replacement. However, even f the roof is not very old; the shingles can still buckle if the underlayment was not well installed.

Do not hesitate to seek shingle roof repair services if you notice the slightest of these signs, as the smallest of these usually gives rise to very fast deterioration of the roof quality. You will need to get a qualified contractor to help with your roof shingle repair, since working on a shingle roof may not be possible with DIY. Even if the problem is not a very serious one, the best option is usually to replace the roof, so that the damage does not spread to the other unaffected areas.