Three Main Types of Home Awnings

Three Main Types of Home Awnings

There are three main styles of home awnings you can choose for your home patios or porch, each with there own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing an awning for your home, take into account these differences along with price. Keep in mind awnings can lower energy bills and are made for either sun shade or rain and snow prevention.

Aluminum metal awnings are a great choice for long term maintenance free patio covering. Aluminum awnings are made of aluminum sheeting, beams, and tubing. They are available in a wide variety of colors and usually come with stripes on top to cover screws, gutter or scalps around the edges for design and routing water along the house. By choosing an aluminum awning you can guarantee your awning will never rust and it will last you a very long time. The price of a patio aluminum style awning cam range from $300 to $600 for a door hood, $1000 to $2000 to cover the entire porch or $3500 for a carport.

Home Awnings
Aluminum Awning

Lexan polycarbonate awnings are a great second choice for your home. These awnings are made with bullet proof polycarbonate and it’s main advantage is its translucent quality that allows sun to shine through. Typically they come in two main colors, completely clear or a frost tint. The clear version will allow 100% of the sun to come through, and protect you and your family from UV radiation. The tinted style will block 50% of the sun and give you a nice shade while still bringing light through. Lexan awnings are combined with an aluminum frame to prevent rust and also keep the awning lightweight and durable. These awnings are abut 30% more expensive then aluminum awnings and are always a great addition for the front of the home. Often adding a lexan awning to a home will look great and also increase home value.

Polycarbonate Awning

The third option is a retractable fabric awning. The American version of the retractable awnings have vertical scissor arms that extend outwards, while the European and more stylish version has horizontal lateral arms. The frames are typically The frames are typically made out of aluminum unless the awning extends out over 12 feet in which steel & iron are used to hold the weight. Retractable fabric awnings are made with acrylic fabric from companies such as sunbrella. Fabric awnings are made for sun shade and not good in snowy or windy environments. Making this a great choice in a southern state but not so good in New York or Washington. The price of a retractable fabric awning can range from $1400 for a small 10×6 deck to $3000 for a large 20×12.

Retractable Awning

Bottom line: If your getting your awning for rain and snow prevention go with the aluminum or lexan depending on what you like more. Go with the retractable fabric if the awning is for a summer bbq or just cooling outside and reading a book.