Caucasian woman sleeping in bed near open window

How To Sleep Better Away From Home

Six Tips To Help You Get A Goodnight’s Sleep

With summer here, the kids are out of school and vacation time is around the corner. So, it’s time to pack smart for those nights away from home.

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment takes some getting used to and you don’t want to miss out on sleep. You’re on vacation, no naps for you!

Here are some tips that can help you get a restful night’s sleep while you are away from home.

  1. Bring Blankets and Pillows


  • Don’t forget creature comforts that help you feel at home. If you hate walking barefoot on cold floors, pack your favorite slippers. It might bring back memories of kindergarten, but bringing a familiar pillow or blanket from home can immediately make you feel at ease in an unfamiliar bed. If you don’ have room in your suitcase for a pillow, just bring your pillowcase; also, pack your own sheets. Between the sheets, your own pillows or pillowcases, you can transform any bed you use into your home bed easily. Of course, these options aren’t for everyone or every destination, but they can go a long way.
  1. Start Your Wind Down EarlySleep
  • Give yourself plenty of time to sleep. If you have the time to start your evening routine early, do it. You want to make sure you give yourself as much time as possible to fall sleep, even if that means you go to bed earlier than you normally would. Set a phone alarm for one hour before your bedtime, and when it goes off, start your wind down for the night.
  1. Keep Your Exercise Routine


  • If you have a regular exercise routine – keep it. Exercise makes a huge impact on how much energy you have during the day. It may be difficult since you are out of your environment, but it is important to find the time to exercise.
  1. Put Away Your Electronics
    Light Emitting Devices Tell Your Brain To Stay Alert
  • Don’t take your laptop, cellphone, or iPad to bed with you. Staring at the screen before bed could leave you lying awake. That’s because direct exposure to such abnormal light sources inhibits the body’s secretion of melatonin. Light-emitting devices, including cellphones and the iPad, tell the brain to stay alert.
  1. Block Noise


  • Hotels or where ever you are staying can be noisy. You can’t predict what kind of noise you’ll encounter. So, bring ear plugs or consider a white noise machine that will help block annoying sounds.
  1. Keep Your Bedtime Ritual


  • This can be difficult when you’re not in control of your agenda or environment, but keeping up your nightly routine can help you sleep like a baby anywhere. Read a book, write in your journal or meditate. Many things can keep you from sticking with your normal routine, but keeping a consistent bedtime and wake time is one of the key in regulating your circadian rhythms and promoting quality rest.