Don’t Rake Them, Mulch Them

Don’t Rake Them, Mulch Them

This fall is sure to be beautiful. With all the gorgeous foliage we all now what happens when those leaves fall. It can be a huge hassle trying to get rid of those leaves. They become brittle, dry and somehow make their way into your home. Normally home owners will try bagging the leaves, removing them or blowing them into a corner and forgetting about them. This year try something different! Instead of using a rake, try using a lawnmower this year.

When leaves fall try going over them with a lawnmower and getting them to be miniature in size. Imagine those leaves, but almost in dust form. Going over the leaves with a lawnmower multiple times can get them into this miniature size. These miniature leaves will decompose into the grass and soil easier than if they stayed at their large whole size. Letting the lead decompose can be healthy for your lawn! Certain nutrients will nourish the soil so there is no need for fertilizer this autumn!

Many people are hoping on this new trend of fall lawn care. It lets nature do what it naturally does and gives your lawn a new breath of life. All you have to do is switch your lawnmower blade or setting to get the leaves to be such a small size! Leaves on driveways or sidewalks can be moved down and blown onto the grass if needed!

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