Outdoor Sheds Can Add Much Needed Storage

Outdoor Sheds Can Add Much Needed Storage

An outdoor shed can add storage and protection for your outdoor equipment and tools. If you don’t already have a shed, it’s good to know that you can purchase shed kits in a variety of sizes and materials and build your own. However, determining the type of shed to build can be a difficult and confusing decision. Wooden, resin, and metal are the three main materials used to build outdoor sheds, and it is important to choose the right material to use. Consider the pros and cons of each material available before making your purchase.

The most traditional type of shed is made of wood. It can be completely customized to create a very specific size or shape. It can be painted any color to match your house or surroundings and can be dressed up with features like window flower boxes. It can be customized inside as well with shelves on the wall and the overhead loft can provide extra storage. Wood does have some drawbacks though. Wood shed kits are more expensive than resin or metal shed kits of comparable size. Wood is very strong, but it is also vulnerable to harsh weather and insects can cause the wood to rot and deteriorate. Wooden sheds require some maintenance and will need to be repainted on a regular basis.

Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Sheds, Swansea MA

Resin sheds, also called plastic sheds, vinyl sheds or high-density polyethylene sheds depending upon the manufacturer, are the newest type of sheds on the market and are quickly becoming the most popular choice for several reasons.  Resin sheds are made of a high-quality plastic material that makes the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds.

Photo Courtesy of East Coast Shed Inc, Berkley, MA

They are basically maintenance free and will not crack, fade, rot or rust and never needs painting. Resin sheds are the easiest type of shed to build. The kits are very quick and easy to assemble with less tools, time and less “carpentry skills” needed than with a wooden shed.  They are less expensive than wood but more expensive than metal. Resin sheds are strong, but not as strong as wood. These sheds are attractive and come in neutral colors with simulated wood-textured panels. Resin sheds allow for add-ons with accessories such as skylights, windows, lighting, shelving and peg strips.

Photo Courtesy of The Shed Place, Mashpee MA

Metal sheds can be made of either steel or galvanized aluminum. Metal sheds have been around for years and are the most common for first-time shed buyers.  They are the least expensive shed kit to purchase and come in a variety of colors, but can also be painted. They are not as strong as wood or resin and are susceptible to denting and rusting. Metal sheds are not designed to be as attractive as wooden or resin sheds and are not available in lots of sizes or shapes. Many metal sheds do not have a floor plan so you will need to determine what type of foundation you can use. Lastly, metal shed kits can be complicated and more difficult to assemble.

Photo Courtesy of Chapin Sheds, Whitman MA

All three materials have their pros and cons so it will be a matter of cost, usage and how skillful you are.  After hearing all of this, if the thought of trying to build a shed is overwhelming, you can purchase a pre-built shed and have it delivered.