Simple Ways to Reduce Household Expenses

Simple Ways to Reduce Household Expenses

Save Money on Household Expenses

There are some expenses you know are fixed such as your mortgage and car payment. You can’t really change them. But other costs, like household expenses, can be controlled.

Here are a few household expenses if managed correctly, can keep or put money back in, your pocket.

  1. Extended Warranties

It’s tempting to insure your new, big purchase, but according to Consumer Reports, you’re probably already as covered as you need to be. Most major appliances come with at least a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Buy with a major credit card and it will likely double that standard warranty.

According to Consumer Reports, most products won’t break during the standard two or three-year service contract period. When they do, the repair cost is usually just a few dollars more than the amount you paid for the warranty.

  1. High-Tech Flashy Appliances
Flashy high tech appliances have great features, but also a lot of parts that can break.

Keeping up with the Joneses rarely saves you money.  Sure, the newest appliances come with all kind of fun features; it’s only natural for many people to want the most modern things on the market especially when all their friends are showing off their new high-tech appliances. Financially speaking, it may not be wise to replace a functioning older model appliance just to gain the modern perks.

  1. Matching Appliances

As a rule, clothes dryers tend to outlast washers. And it’s common for consumers to replace a perfectly good, working dryer just to have a matching washer/dryer set. New appliances aren’t built like our old ones and they won’t last as long. So, don’t waste your money, keep your old dryer.

  1. Don’t Pay for Repairs You Can Do Yourself 
Don’t pay for repairs you can fix yourself

You would be surprised to find how easy it is to fix a leaky toilet and save $100-$150 by not calling a plumber.  You can often find home repairs for small jobs like a leaky faucet or broken garbage disposal online or try YouTube.

  1. Cleaning your Air Ducts

Often duct-cleaning companies claim that dirty ducts are a health risk and caution about possible mold in the ducts. According to the EPA, “The truth is that there is no proof that cleaning the ducts prevents health problems.” What’s more, there is little evidence that cleaning the ducts improves the efficiency of homes’ cleaning, heating, and cooling systems, the EPA says.

  1. Go Natural with Household Cleaning Supplies
Go Natural with Household Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are expensive!  Even if you’re buying the no-name brand you’re still wasting your money. Switching to homemade natural products may seem like a lot of work but it’s actually simple. The ingredients are easy to find, cheap and they last a long time. Check out this link to find natural ingredients to replace your chemical cleaners.

  1. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Household Expenses
Get rid of PMI as soon as possible. Until then, you are just giving money away.

If you paid less than 20% down when you bought your house, you’re probably paying for PMI, a type of insurance that guarantees your mortgage lender will be covered if you default. Once the total equity of the home reaches 20%, you no longer must pay the PMI. This could take years, and it amounts to a lot of money you’re literally giving away. So, keep an eye on your statement and when you’re getting close to your 20% equity, contact your mortgage company to start the process of eliminating your PMI payments. To learn more about PMI, go to /

Certainly, these aren’t the only ways to save on household expenses. But, they’re a start.