Essential Summer Maintenance

Essential Summer Maintenance

Warm weather means being outside and enjoying the fact that it is not snowing anymore. Although we enjoy being outside, it is important to remember our homes and what is going on inside. We crank up the AC, we forget to keep up with maintenance and our homes suffer. Here are a few easy things you can do this summer to save money, save energy and save frustration.


Air Filters

Autobacs_Pro_Air_conditioner_filter_H-0001It is important to check each month and change your air filters when necessary. This is important because when the air filters get clogged or dirty they restrict airflow and can make your cooling system very inefficient. Cleaning your air filters can also help those with allergies in your home. Air filters collect dust and pollen that enter and trap it. Clean those filters for the ultimate cool summer.


Gordijnen_aan_vensterCheck your windows and doors for any cracks where cool air could escape. During the summer months we tend to use a lot of AC and don’t think about it. Before it hits 95 degrees go around the house and check that each window and each door leading to the outside is sealed properly. Doing this now could save you a lot of money keep your home energy efficient and keep you cool.

Gutter_in_need_of_cleaningBe Outside

Now that it’s not snowing, it’s not cold, and there is no raining, go stand outside of your home. If you see anything that needs fixing, painting, repairing, or replacing the time to do it is now! Go clean out the gutter, power wash the deck, check the driveway for cracks, trim the trees and paint the fence. Take each activity at a time and make each project a weekend activity. If you don’t fix it now, winter will come and you’ll be wishing you did it in a t-shirt rather than a jacket.

Think Of Winter

This might sound si752385_a1483e07lly but summer is the perfect time to be thinking of winter. If you have a fireplace or a heating system it might be a good idea to get it checked out and updated. Doing this now could save you from frustration when it hits wintertime and your heat isn’t working. Just have your heating system or fireplace checked out by a professional and schedule for routine maintenance.

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