4 High-Tech Home Gadgets For This Holiday Season

4 High-Tech Home Gadgets For This Holiday Season

Looking for a gift to get a loved one who has it all? Check out these new and very high-tech home products that will wow any gadget geek this holiday season!

smartthingsSmartThings Hub, $99 
How cool would it be to sync all of your appliances to only use one controller? Now you can! SmartThings has created a very impressive central hub that connects and controlls your appliances. It includes a remote control app for your smartphone. Locks, lights, motion detection… this hub can control every aspect of your home life.


thermostatNest Learning Thermostat, $249 
This Google-owned product automatically adjusts its settings based on your lifestyle patterns. Even better, it can connect with other smart gadgets like smartwatches, smartphones, smart lighting and smart cars to share data. Programming regular thermostats is a pain. Nest is different. It learns from the temperatures you set and the time of day you set them. It creates a schedule personalized to your home and conserves energy when you’re not there.




Okidokeys, $189 
Ever lock yourself out of the house or forget your keys? This is like a typical Monday for me. Stop worrying about that and get Okidokeys, a smart-lock module that can unlock the door by sending it a message from your smartphone via Bluetooth. This module can turn any lock into a smart-lock, even if it’s old, with not a difficult installation.



crockpotCrock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker, $130
Any help in the kitchen is appreciated. This crock pot connects to WiFi and to a WeMo smartphone app so you can control it with your phone while you’re out and about or at work. If your schedule changes and you won’t be home in time, leaving your crock pot on, even at slow cook, could be dangerous. Instead of running home out of your way to turn it off, use your phone!


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