Pesky Bugs and Insects Can Cause Problems

Warm temperatures are just around the corner and so are those pesky little bugs and insects that bother us, our pets, eat our flowers and plants and can spread disease. Instead of reaching for the bug repellent or insecticide, consider using these herbs as a natural fix. Plant them in your garden or grow them in containers to move them around the patio and yard as you need them. In addition to getting rid of bugs and insects, these herbs are great to eat.

9 Natural Ways To Keep The Bugs Away

  • Basil. Keeps mosquitoes and flies away and it’s great to eat with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese or pesto.
  • Bay Leaves. Do you have roaches?  Grow bay leaves to keep the roaches away.  Make your soups and stews tasty with dried bay leaves.

Bay Leaves

  • Catnip. Keep mosquitoes away with a mixture catnip and rosemary. Add some lemon balm to boost the potency. You can brew lemon in tea to relieve stress.


  • Dill. Not just for Grandma’s pickles, dill will scare off aphids, squash bugs and spider mites. Use the fresh stuff on salmon when you grill or bake it, or in dips.
  • Garlic. Say goodbye to a host of pests when you plant garlic including aphids, Japanese beetles, carrot flies, codling moths, snails, root maggots, cabbage loopers, the Mexican bean beetle, peach tree borers and rabbits. Or, use fresh garlic to add depth and flavor to just about any dish: soup stocks, sauces, crushed fresh for bruschetta and in marinades.
  • Lavender. Not only does Lavender add beauty and fragrance to a garden, lavender repels moths, fleas and flies, including mosquitoes. Dry it and use it in little cloth bags as sachets in your drawers, or fill a rectangular piece of cloth for a soothing eye pillow.


  • Mint. Will repel ants, fleas, moths, beetles, aphids and mice. Once you plant it, it will grow every season and even take over a bit of your garden. Cats love mint, so plant it where you don’t mind them hanging out. Mint is refreshing in iced beverages; Chopped fresh mint leaves added to pastry dough makes wonderfully minty treats.
  • Rosemary. Use it to repel cabbage loopers, carrot flies, slugs, snails and the Mexican bean beetle. Rosemary is another hardy herb. Add some sprigs of Rosemary to your flower arrangements (It means “remembrance “). You can also use the hardy stalks as skewers on the grill and even throw some on hot coals for an aromatic grill.


  • Thyme. Shoo away the cabbage looper, cabbage maggot, corn earworm, whiteflies and tomato hornworm with this herb. Use it in poultry or seafood dishes when you want to take them in a Greek or Italian direction.