Your First Home | “People are usually Happiest at Home”

Your First Home | “People are usually Happiest at Home”

Transform Your First Home

Buying a home is part of a personal transformation for all us. For many of us, it is the first opportunity to express our individuality and living choices. A new home is like a blank canvas waiting, and you are the artist that will create the painting. What you put inside your home is up to you. There are some simple things to follow but there are no set rules. No matter the size or style of your home, incorporating your personal style matters the most.

Here are a few simple tips to transform your first home into a house that’s the right fit for you.

Make It Functional & Personal

The process is simple if you follow your heart. Make your space your own but keep function in mind when making personal preferences. A thoughtful plan is always best. If you love to cook, don’t put away all your utensils and appliances; incorporate them into your home’s design. Fill large, colorful jars with the items you use most. If you love to read add bookshelves and comfortable place to settle in and read. If you sometimes work at home allow for a workspace that separates you from other living spaces.

Add a home office separate from the rest of your home

Add Warmth & Comfort

Sure, expensive furniture and a spotless home are appealing, but that won’t add warmth. Fill your most used spaces with plush rugs, throw blankets and comfortable furniture the entire family can use. Make spaces to live in not rooms that look great but do not function and invite use.

Add plush rugs and throw pillows to personalize your home

Dress up and Design

A collection of picture frames can make a room feel cluttered. Instead, display family photos, kids’ artwork and memorabilia from your travels on blank walls. Use walls to express your life and what it’s all about. Remember more is not always better than less.

First Home
Bedroom Design and Decor

Make Family & Guest Feel Welcome

Nothing makes a house a home more than when your closest friends and family visit. Place comfortable outdoor furniture and lush plants on your porch to make guests feel welcome before they walk in the front door. Make your home a place that welcomes others but more importantly that welcomes you and your family as a haven to the outside world.

Express Yourself, Not Others

Personal choices are just that, not copied from others. Often times, first time home buyers end up with the vision of furniture store displays instead of their own. If you’re not sure, take more time to decide. Remember this is your space to live in, the way you wish to live in it.

In most cases, it takes years to acquire many of the special things that make your first home a real home, be patient.