Use Paint to Freshen up Your Outdoor Space

Use Paint to Freshen up Your Outdoor Space

Is Your Deck Looking Drab and Old?

There are many options for freshening up your outside space. You can change your furniture and give it a lively new look or you can use paint. Paint is the modern way to spruce up your outdoor space without having to change much of the décor you already have.

Just get a flat finish paint and go to work. Add a bold color for contrast that will create a modern and contemporary look and will make decorating easier. As for color, if you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere that will go well with nature use a sage green. Sage green is soft yet intricate and works well outdoors when it is paired with wooden furniture. The trees will also help the color look its best as it will bring out the green hues in it. Sage works well with all colors and will make the deck appear larger. If you have a wooden deck with a ceiling, paint them both the same color for the best outcome.

Rug that has been stenciled on concrete

Outdoor rugs are great and easy to maintain. However, if you do not want to add an outdoor rug to your outdoor space, paint one instead. A painted rug can add a beautiful contrast–and no maintenance necessary. Select a color or combination of colors that will stand out from your décor for the full “rug” effect.

Thinking of bold? Add a geometric pattern to your deck flooring. Patterns work well for adding a touch of boldness and color. Geometric patterns drawn in powerful colors will add a modern, yet, eccentric twist to your outdoor space.

Paint a geometric pattern to your deck flooring.

If you are not the “bold-type” person, consider painting parts of your deck white or a light neutral color and then add lights. Lights on a white background can make space look magical.

Add solar lights for a magical look

An accent wall can add privacy to your outdoor space. Just like you would paint one wall a distinctive color on the inside of your home, you can do the same on the outside. Accent walls can add color without being overpowering; a color statement that helps you coordinate furniture and accessories.

Most outdoor spaces have stairs and most of them are wooden and tarnished. Give them a completely new upgrade by painting them a fun color combination. This is also an excellent way of adding color to your outdoor space.

If your outdoor space has a fence, get creative. Add color, add shapes or an interesting design that is visually appealing. Make it your own work of art. Create a vertical garden by stacking cinder blocks randomly or in patterns and then paint or concrete-stain the blocks. Combine that with some sexy plant choices and you could really have a striking design piece.

Vertical garden made with cinder blocks

Instead of buying new patio furniture, paint it. Wooden tables and chairs can be painted any color you like.  The lighter the wood is, the easier it will be for you to spray paint it into a bold color that works for your outdoor space.

When you are thinking of what colors to paint your outdoor space, you want to incorporate colors that work well together or use even the same tone of color in different shades.

Changing the color of your outdoor space may be exactly what your home needs to feel new again. A little bit of paint can bring your drab deck back to life.