Give Your Bathroom a Spa-like Atmosphere With a Few Simple Changes

Give Your Bathroom a Spa-like Atmosphere With a Few Simple Changes

After a long hard day at work, who wouldn’t like to indulge in the ultimate spa treatment with relaxing aromas, luxurious accessories, and soothing colors and sounds.

But, who has time to go to the spa?

Create your own in-home spa.

Here’s how you can create a spa-like atmosphere for an in-home spa experience just by making a few changes in your bathroom.

  • The key element for setting a spa-like environment is the visual appeal. Spas embrace the minimalist style of “less is better” which opens the room by giving the space a serene and restful feel. This means you may need to de-clutter your bathroom as a first step. Clutter usually gives us stress. That’s why spas always keep their toiletries hidden. If you have a small bathroom, storage could be a problem. So, it’s time to toss out those old toiletries you won’t ever use to free up space.  For items you insist must stay out on your counter such cotton balls and Q-tips, put them in clear glass jars. Believe it or not, jarred toiletries will look just like a part of your décor.


  • Colors such as green and brown can give your bathroom an organic feel along with a calming effect. If you have a small bathroom, go with a lighter and more neutral color scheme such as pale beige or green that will also add a spacious feel to your small bathroom.


  • With the help of a dimmer, you can soften your lighting and get the spa-like feel when you need a soothing soak in the tub. Consider installing recessed ceiling lights or wall scones that come with dimmer controls


  • Wood flooring will surely evoke the feeling of peace and warmth, but wood is never an ideal material for damp areas. Instead, use faux wood tile made of ceramic or porcelain and imitates the natural textures of wood. It not only has a higher resistance to water but also comes in a variety of patterns that can match any spa bathroom décor.
Wood evokes the feeling of peace and warmth.
  • A soaking tub would be perfect for your spa-like bathroom. Yet, chances are that you would only use it occasionally, not to mention it may make your small bathroom feel crowded. It would be great to have both a soaking tub and a separate shower, however, if you have budget and space concerns, go with the shower. Sacrifice your tub for an upgraded shower along with a top-of-the-line massage shower head.


  • Who wants to step out of a nice warm shower and wrap up in a cold towel? That’s why towel warmers are becoming a popular addition to bathroom remodels. A towel-warming drawer can be installed in your vanity, or if you want to dry your towels at the same time, towel-warming bars will be a better and cheaper option. Plus, its wall-mounted design can save more space!
Wall mounted Towel Warmers keep your towels warm and dry.
  • Your spa won’t be complete without aromatherapy since scents are famous for boosting one’s health and mood. Scented candles can enhance your sensual experience, but candles can also create a safety problem if you are the forgetful type – just saying. A good alternative is an aromatherapy diffuser.
An aromatherapy diffuser creates scents that boost one’s health and mood.
  • Calming music in the background is a must; you can create a meditation playlist on your phone and play it through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
Scented Candles enhance your sensual experience

Creating a home spa is not as difficult as you may think. With just a few changes and additions, you can immediately turn your bathroom into a private oasis, even if it’s short on space.