Get Ready For The Holidays and Your Visiting Relatives

Get Ready For The Holidays and Your Visiting Relatives

Prepare for the Holidays AHEAD of Time

This is the time of year we all love. The holidays are finally here and your home is about to play host to friends and relatives. How are your guest rooms looking?  Did they turn into storage rooms during year?

Guest rooms often become cluttered in between visitors. Whether it is a spare room, bonus room, or dedicated guest bedroom, the space can quickly become a catch-all for random items. You will want your guests to feel at home so they will need to have space and a place for their belongings.

Here are some helpful ways to prepare your guest room for the Holidays ahead.

  1. Declutter by removing all the items that don’t belong in the room. Start by removing personal belongings such as excessive photographs, trophies, memorabilia and family clutter and extra furniture. If you have been using the guest room for storage, unfortunately, removing those items will create another problem– finding another place to put the items. Don’t move clutter from one place to another. This is a great time to get organized. Storage bins, shelves, racks are all good ways to keep seldom used items organized.
  1. Make space for luggage and clothing. Your guests should be able to unpack their suitcases and hang clothing in the closets with minimal effort. Organize your closets to provide ample space to hang cloths and winter coats if needed. If space is a premium in your home, try to move your belongings to the top shelves and leave the lower shelves and closet floor for your guests. Provide a luggage rack or enough space in the closet for their luggage to fit inside.
    Make room in your closet for your guests to hang their clothing.
  2. If you have been using the guest room dresser, empty a few drawers for guest clothing that can’t be hung in the closet. Add a hook to the back of the door to hold a robe.
  3. Put freshly washed linens or new linens on the bed and provide extra blankets and pillows.
  4. If possible create a seating and relaxation area where your guest can have their quiet time with a book or to take care of business if they must work.
  5. Have an electrical outlet available for laptops, tablets and phones preferably beside the bed or on a desk.
    Have electrical outlets free for your guest to connect their electronics.
  6. If your home has a wireless network, include a note with the network password on the bedside table.
  7. Make sure you have a working lamp beside the bed.
  8. Prepare a guest basket with a clean set of towels, a few small-size toiletries and a hair dryer. You can use a number of holders for these items such as a bin, 3-shelf plastic cabinet or basket. Dress it up hotel-style to make it look nice.
Prepare a guest basket
  1. Thoroughly clean the bedroom and bathroom; you can add a fragrant spray or cut flowers for a finishing touch.
Don’t wait until the last minute to get your guest bedroom ready for your holiday visitors.

Holidays can be stressful if you let them.  Prepare ahead of time for your visiting guest. There are so many storage ideas and products on the market today, you should not have a problem finding the right storage solution. If you feel overwhelmed with the thought of preparing your guest room(s), call a professional organizer who can help you efficiently and effectively declutter, organize and prepare your rooms for visitors.