Trivia Tuesdays: Portsmouth

Trivia Tuesdays: Portsmouth

Did you know….

The town of Portsmouth has a total area of 59.3 square miles but only 23.2 miles is land and the rest is water?

Roger Williams convinced settlers to come to Portsmouth instead of settling in New Jersey where they had first planned on going.

Its original indian name was Pocasset but it was named Portsmouth on May 12, 1639.

Portsmouth is home to one of the earliest and most bizarre murder trials! In 1673, Rebecca Cornell died in a house fire. Her son Thomas was accused, tried, convicted, and hung for the “crime”. There were other suspects, including Thomas’s wife and a local Native America, and there was only circumstantial evidence presented against Thomas. Back in those days “spectral evidence”, evidence based on dreams and visions, was admitted as solid evidence in cases. So an alleged visit of the ghost of Rebecca to a testifying relative was also admissible evidence, which is what got Thomas convicted.

Portsmouth is the site of Rhode Island’s only major battle during the American War for Independence!

Ryan Westmoreland, former baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, lives in Portsmouth along with Mike Cloud, running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, and the New York Giants.

Portsmouth is filled with rich history and interesting facts, which makes it a great town to visit and explore!

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