Garilla Garden Hands

Yard Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fall Clean-Up in New England

Fall is beautiful in New England and you know that the season has arrived when the evenings start getting cooler and the leaves on the trees and plants began to change from shades of green to an array of colors.

Despite the excitement that the season holds, you will be faced with some fall clean-up projects as the temperatures and leaves start to fall. Here are some handy tools that can make yard clean-up easier and, also fun.

Bag Butler

 Bag Butler bags leaves fast. After raking the leaves into a pile, the hard part of cleaning up is getting the leaves into a bag. The Bag butlers insert goes into your plastic bag and creates an opening the won’t move while you are shoving the leaves inside.

 Wheelbarrow Tool Holders let you bring your tools with you. The holders attach to your wheelbarrow and securely hold rakes, shovels and other long-handled tools.  Other attachments hold your cell phone, water bottles, gloves and just about anything you think you will need. [Around $10]

Grampa’s Weeder

 Weed pullers make the weeding process easier and you’ll have fun using it. Weeds won’t stand a chance against this tool since it is designed to pull out the entire root. [Around $15]

Bulb Planter Attachment fits on any cordless or electric drill.  Now you can drill all those holes without ever stooping over, digging and best of all, you won’t get your hands dirty. When you’re not planting you, use the bulb auger to aerate compost or make holes for fertilizer spikes. [Around $30]

Garilla Garden Hands

Garilla Garden Hands are perfect for picking up leaves and debris. The oversized scoops have ridged edges and a firm grip making yard clean-up quick and easy. [Around $13]

Yard Leaf Sweeper makes cleaning up debris easy by clearing the lawn 50% faster than a lawn rake. As you push it around your yard, a brush picks up leaves and lawn clippings without damaging your grass. [Around $125 & up]

Clean Up Canvas Flat

 Clean-up canvas is a super duty tarp that comes equipped with four reinforced soft grip interlocking rubber handles that make yard clean-up easy. After you’ve piled all your leaves and debris onto it, pull all the corners together using the interlocking handle system to easily carry debris out of the yard. [Around $20]

Garden Kneeler and Seat

Kneeler and Seat are great if you need to do some weeding or dig some holes. Use the padded kneeler or turn it upside down and sit on it.  Either way, it’s comfortable. [Around $32]

Gardener’s Apron isn’t used for cooking, but it can keep your cloths clean. The Gardener’s apron not only protects your cloths, its pockets keep your tools organized and right where they should be – easy to reach. [Around $30]