Tree Tents | The Backyard Tree House For Adults

Tree Tents | The Backyard Tree House For Adults

The Ultimate Camping Experience In Your Backyard

There’s something about summer that makes us want to spend more time outdoors and for some, this includes sleeping under the stars or just having fun with family and friends.

Remember what it was like to sleep in a tent for the first time, or climb the latter up to your own private tree house.  Perhaps, you never had a chance to experience either.

Now you do, the Tree Tent is the tree house you always wanted as a kid. All you need are a backyard and a few trees. Tree tents are designed to be suspended above the ground, and attached to a tree or several trees depending upon the type of tree tent you have.

Just like a regular tent, it is a complete enclosure where you can sit and relax or sleep under the stars. The tree tent is accessed by a rope latter and a pulley allows essential supplies to be hauled up into the tent.

It’s hard to imagine sleeping in a suspended tree tent without a little unexpected motion; this just adds to the excitement, especially when you are zipped up inside.  Don’t worry about the mosquitos and other insects, the bug nets on the windows allows air to circulate to keep you cool.

The Coolest Tree Tents Around

  1. Cocoon Tree Tent
Tree Tent
Cocoon Tree Tent

The Cocoon can be suspended from trees, installed on the ground or onto a platform. The tent frame is made from steel and is covered by a weather-resistant tarp.

  1. Treepee Tent
Tree Tents
Treepee Tent

Unlike other tree tents, the Treepee uses the ground to provide stability. It is relatively small and the floor is springy like a trampoline. 

  1. Raindrop-shaped Tree Tent
Raindrop-shaped Tree Tent

Experience a peaceful night’s sleep in the arms of a big tree. Each Tree tent measures thirteen feet tall with a 9 foot diameter and is composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas. The interior comes complete with a roomy hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress that’s big enough for a family of four.

  1. Tentsile Stingray Connect
Tentsile Stingray Connect

This sleek three-person tree tent can expand into a large shelter. You can attach a hammock to the bottom of the tent and the Stingray can also connect to other Stingrays to make a network of suspended tree tents.

Tree tents offer an incredible new way for you and your friends to experience a whole new level of fun. Suspended in the air, tree tents separate you from wet, lumpy, uneven ground and increased protection from snakes, bugs and other varmints.