Refrigerators Are Becoming Tech-Savvy

Refrigerators Are Becoming Tech-Savvy

Is Technology Becoming Too Much?

Once upon a time, you simply turned a knob to start your oven and then adjusted the temperature; and, refrigerators were designed to preserve our food, not to be intimately involved in our daily life. With internet-connected devices infiltrating just about every facet of life, kitchen appliances-big and small-no longer sit around the kitchen and just look good.

Samsung’s Family Hub

Today you have access to refrigerators with inside cameras that take pictures of the contents each time the door is closed. So, when you’re at the grocery store and you can’t remember if you need milk, just check an app on your smartphone and see the contents of your refrigerator. Refrigerators that can text you to pick up a gallon of 2% milk on the way home; brew your coffee and comes with a touch screen where you can write notes, order groceries, play music, watch TV and more. Whether it’s climate controlled storage for fresh herbs, speakers for playing music, or a smart coffee maker, today’s fridges offer plenty of practical and not so practical features.

What about a range, oven and microwave that communicate with each other to synchronize the cooking times for your entire meal so everything is ready at the same time.  Not here yet, but will be soon.

Stoves and ovens with touch and swipe controls that make it easier for everyone to choose the exact temperature with a quick touch of a button.

It’s not just the big kitchen appliances that have been modernized with the latest in technology, our small appliances refuse to be left behind.

Water Pitcher inside the fridge refills itself automatically

For example, a self-filling water pitcher inside the fridge that will automatically refill itself with cold filtered water.

How would you like to sit at your desk and adjust the settings on your crock pot? You can with an app that can turn the slow cooker on or off and the temperature up or down.

A machine that brews a perfect cup of tea. With an app, you can customize the caffeine content, apply the ideal infusion method, the precise temperature and steep time for the tea leaves you selected.

June Intelligent Oven Toaster

An Oven Toaster that automatically calculates food cooking temperature and time by sensing what you’ve put inside. All you need to do is set your preferred doneness – the toaster does the rest.

Drop, a WiFi equipped food scale, makes baking easier.

A Wi-Fi equipped food scale that works with a recipe app to make baking simpler.  If you’re short on an ingredient, it will adjust the measurements and offer substitutions.

A Food Recycler that reduces the food waste in landfills. It converts household food waste into homemade fertilizer.

While these high-tech gadgets appear to be both efficient and convenient, they have the potential to be just another digital distraction. Technology needs to be time-saving or we’re not going to use it; sure, there will be new shiny add-ons that will be obsolete in 18 months, but, how will we know unless we’ve tried them.