Backyard Playgrounds For Your Little Ones

Backyard Playgrounds For Your Little Ones

Get Your Kids Outdoors Again With These Modern Playsets

Gone are the days when mom would say “go outdoors and play!!”  At one time, summer time meant outdoor fun. With today’s ever-advancing technology, kids are having more and more reasons to stay inside. With that said, if you give your kids a reason to be outside, chances are they will gradually change their mind about the outdoors.

A Backyard playground is an ideal way to get your kids outdoors again. Playground projects can be inexpensive with a do-it-yourself project or top of the line expensive for custom-made or ready-built playground sets.

Here are some examples of projects ranging from the expensive to the inexpensive that will give your child a reason to be outside.

Gorilla Treasure Trove II Swing Set. Gorilla Playsets are highly rated and offer a number of activities for children: Twin forts, sandpits, spiral slide and regular slide, rock climbing wall and swing set. Price Range for the Gorrilla Playset Treasure Trove II Swing Set is $3,500-$3,800. Gorillaplaysetscom,,, and other retailers. 

Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove

Modern Outdoor Playhouse. This playground comes with combo sandbox, ladder, 3 aluminum windows, a half-Dutch door and cedar shingle roof. Slide is purchased separately. Around $2,200 from and other fine retailers

Playhouse with Sandbox

Cedar Summit Summerstone Playset. This 2-level clubhouse features a working door and two big windows on the lower level; climb up the rock wall and access the ladder combination to reach the upper clubhouse and use the spiral slide to get back down. Around $1,200., and other fine retailers

Cedar Summit Summerstone Playset

If your budget doesn’t allow for custom pre-made playset, here are some inexpensive “make-it-yourself” outdoor play activities.

 Outdoor Chalkboard. This gives kids a place to create and share their outdoor artwork on this weatherproof chalkboard. Wood+chalkboard paint = chalkboard.

Outboard chalkboard

Backyard tents. Kids love building tents under the table and hiding there. Your kids will love the idea of having a tent too, especially if you install it outdoors. It would be like an adventure for them.

Backyard Tents

Beach Sandbox. Kids of all ages love to play in the sand and since you can’t spend the whole summer on the beach. Build a sandbox large enough for a small pool and add a canopy or umbrella. A sandbox would fit nicely in the backyard.

Ask yourself what is a realistic budget for my backyard project. Whatever you can afford is better than doing nothing. The most important thing is to get your kids outdoors and moving.  Activities that promote coordination, balance and physical exercise is the best thing you can do for your kids’ health.