5 Energy-Saving Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Energy-Saving Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner

Most people don’t realize that the kitchen is responsible for almost 13% of home energy usage, which makes Thanksgiving dinner an energy-sucker. Although it’s a holiday to give thanks and have a delicious meal with family and friends, keep these tips in mind while making your feast!

Close the oven door
Every time the over door is opened, its temperature drops 25 degrees! Which means that the oven is forced to exert more energy to get the oven back to the set degrees. Keeping the oven door open is nice for some extra heat and also thethanksgiving dinner great smells, but try hard not to open it as much as you usually may.

Remember the smaller appliances
Stoves and ovens are the appliances mainly used during Thanksgiving prep. But these two use up so much energy. If you don’t necessarily need the stove or oven, make use of your crock pots, heating plates, or microwaves. They could get the job done and also save a lot of energy usage.

Your oven is being fully used
Obviously avoiding the oven is impossible on a cooking day like today, but minimize the time it’s in use by cooking more than one thing at a time. Make sure to set your oven at a temp that will suit every dish that’s in there and keep in mind that some may need to cook longer than others. This approach will make things go faster as well!

thanksgiving dinnerTurn down the heat 
Because of all the kitchen chaos, with people and with hot appliances, you may not need your thermostat cranked to 70 degrees. Your kitchen will be exuding a lot more heat than normal.

Monitor lighting
People mainly host guests in only a few rooms; the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. So make sure to monitor lighting in the rooms you’re not using. Turn off electronics and lights that don’t need to be on, knowing that you’re using a lot more energy than normal today.


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