Combine narrow vertical windows with patio door for additional light.

Window Trends For Home Remodels

Looking For A New Home Look?

Windows can be one of the most important elements of a home’s overall look. If you are planning to add remodels your home and looking for new and trending window ideas, read on for what’s trending in 2018.

Modern looks, energy efficiency, and expansive glass are among the new window trends for 2018.

Something as simple as painting your window frames can really enhance the look of your home. One of the biggest trends in color for windows in 2018 is black. Black for exterior or interior windows including the sashes, screams clean and contemporary. For a more subtle look, black mixed with white or natural trim creates a farmhouse look.

Shapes remain popular but go with square or rectangular windows over doors.  Arched-top and similar curved shapes now appear dated in some of today’s home styles.

Bay windows are increasing in popularity in newly constructed homes because people are looking for something unique and special when searching for a house. While it might not be needed for functionality, it’s undeniable that these windows still have a lot to offer in terms of design and overall aesthetics of the home.

Bay Windows can be unique and add to the beauty of the home.

Open plan living is as popular as ever. It creates light and airy spaces by knocking down the odd wall to create a sociable living/cooking/eating area. The new trend is to use steel windows as partitions, which also taps into the trend for the industrial look.

Replacing solid walls with floor to ceiling steel windows is the ideal way to retain that light & airy look and feel, while subtly segmenting zones. With their black, slim frames, steel windows are striking yet minimal and can suit many different styles of homes. The steel is often recycled, strong and thermally efficient.

Floor to ceiling steel windows create an open look, yet segment an area.

As well as creating the industrial look indoors, there is, of course, the option of adding aluminum windows and doors to give your home an industrial look from the outside, too.

Metal frame glass doors give the home an industrial look.

French doors can add more character to the look of a home. To create a panoramic view, replace a wall or a portion of a wall with a series of French doors. This design helps to expand your living space.

Combining windows with doors will create a distinct look. A narrow, vertical window next to a patio door will bring in additional light and allow more fresh air to flow into your home.

Combine narrow vertical windows with patio door for additional light.

Pass-through windows are a popular application from the kitchen to deck. Even homes without large sliding or accordion-style doors, slider, awning, or folding windows can create a pass-through to the exterior.

Of course, energy-efficient windows are so popular now it’s hard to even consider them a trend. ENERGY STAR certification has become an expectation.