When is Window Replacement Worth the Investment?

When is Window Replacement Worth the Investment?

5 Signs Your Windows Need an Upgrade

Window replacement is a topic that comes up frequently whether you are buying, selling or you just want to renovate or update your home. Your need for new windows may stem from the fact that your home is drafty, or you have a window that is stuck in the closed position, or perhaps they are over 20 years old and just look dated.

Here are some signs that your home’s windows are due for an upgrade:

High Energy Bills

If your home feels drafty when you stand near your windows or patio doors, it might be time to consider a replacement project. If your windows are on the older side, the chances are that much of the heat produced by your furnace and the cooling from your air conditioner is going to waste. Older windows are generally single-paned and susceptible to leaks. Windows manufactured today offer many options regarding comfort and energy efficiency. There are energy packages available that are tailored to your exact climate, as well as glass thicknesses and glazing techniques to consider, depending on how much direct sunlight your windows receive.

Rotten window frames

Decaying wooden window frame

Decaying window frames are one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows. Wooden window frames, found in old homes, are exposed to moisture. If not properly maintained, the wood will warp and rot over time.

Window Condensation

Moisture between double-pane windows

This can be a normal occurrence or a problem depending on where the moisture is located. When cold weather sets in, condensation can appear on windows and sliding glass doors; It can block the view, drip on the floor, and freeze on the glass. It’s annoying. Window condensation is simply the result of excess humidity. Regardless of the window manufacturer or whether the window is made of wood, vinyl or aluminum, the humidity will condense on any window if conditions are right. The situation is usually temporary and can be handled by making adjustments to reduce interior moisture.

However, If the condensation is between the two panes of glass in your windows, this is a sure sign that your windows’ seals have failed and it’s time to replace them before your windows get too leaky.


Open concept living merges the indoors with outdoors.

It may be worth the investment to change your windows and patio doors based on how you would like your home to function. Open concept living spaces can merge the indoors with the outdoors.  Many homeowners are replacing windows with sliding patio doors, picture windows that don’t open with casement windows that do open to increase airflow, and other window changes that give the home curb appeal.

Window Operation

Windows should open and close effortlessly.

If your windows need to be forced or propped opened, or if they are painted or swollen shut, it may be time to replace them. Wood windows are particularly bad for this. Your windows should open and close effortlessly.

In recent years, advancements in energy-efficient technology have made new windows better than ever. Whether you are trying to improve your home’s appearance or make it more energy efficient, upgrading your windows is a great renovation project that is sure to pay off in the future.