Personalize a Brand New Home

Personalize a Brand New Home

Moving into a new house is an exciting adventure. When the paperwork is done and the furniture is transferred, it’s time to make your new space feel like home. The best way to add an immediate personal touch is to create your own artwork. Walls are a blank canvas- instead of using someone else’s art why not use your own? This is a way to display your personality and create a comfort zone. Seeing pieces that you created yourself on your walls is a great feeling. Here are some easy and cost-efficient ideas that anyone can do with a few simple materials. Pictures: There is no better way to personalize your home than with hanging frames. This is a perfect solution for an empty hallway. Instantly, this adds comfort and tradition to a new home. Try this:

Sparkle Chevron: For those with a love for glitter- I can relate. Add a tasteful canvas to the bathroom, bedroom or patio but add some sparkle. This is easy to make by simply tracing a zigzag pattern and filling the lines in with either gold or silver glitter. For instructions click here.

Bold Lettering: Many people that move into a new home have recently expanded their family. A great way to display some family pride is by showcasing your family name by using initials. Monogram and lettering are huge home trends and also easy to incorporate. Try it! 

Blocks: A great way to add personal touch without using pictures or lettering is to use your favorite patterns. How many times have you seen an amazing print or color that you wanted in your home but you weren’t sure how? I have made it easy for you. Simply buy wood blocks and your favorite scrapbook paper. Whether it’s a unique shade of teal or metallic pattern, scrapbook paper comes in thousands of variations. For instructions click here.

Hearts: An easy way to add homemade decorations to a gathering or party is to hang them. Cutouts are a simply way to decorate. These can be used for holidays by changing the shape and color. Try it out!

Ombre: This is a trend that can be taken into your home. We have seen ombre everywhere from dresses to hair color…Why not ombre a picture for your house? This is perfect for an empty wall in any room of the house. Take a look at this for inspiration.   Looking for a new home in the area? Take a look at these fantastic listings from Rezdendes Real Estate:


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