Mix and Match Your Kitchen Countertops

Mix and Match Your Kitchen Countertops

Budget-Friendly Countertop Designs

Amongst designers, architects and those with an eye for design, is the trendy mix and match of kitchen countertops.

As one of the largest surfaces in the kitchen, countertops create a powerful design statement. It’s one of the more interesting ways to accomplish this is with multiple materials. Merging upscale materials with practical materials opens up a world of beauty and function that deliverers a striking, unique, budget-friendly design.

Mixing materials for kitchen countertops has many benefits. You can save money by using a less expensive material for your perimeter countertops, while splurging on something more luxurious for an island top.

There’s an art to mixing and matching countertops.

Consider the following:

  1. Balance
  • For a consistent, collected look, select a focal point that’s finished off with more subtle details all around.
  • Perimeter countertops are the hard-working everyday countertops.
  • By contrast, the kitchen island is the main attraction. It is used as a gathering place for family and friends. This is the place where you would want a more luxurious material.
  • When selecting countertops materials always look for materials that permit an easy transition between countertop types.

Kitchen Countertops

  1. Practicality
  • The countertops used for food preparation are the hardest-working counters. They should be heat, scratch and stain resistant.
  • Quartz would be a good choice since it can handle the abuse imposed on the cooking area.

Kitchen Countertops

  1. Elegant and showy
  • Two examples of countertop materials that define elegance and beauty are granite and marble. This would be a good choice for kitchen islands.

When designing with two different countertops, it’s best to connect them visually so try to avoid the discounted, two-for-one surplus areas of the showroom where you will find remnants that may not transition well.

Mixing materials will add visual interest to your kitchen and help avoid the overabundance of one color or material.

For those on a budget, it’s also a great way to update and modernize your kitchen countertops by combining the less expensive materials with the more expensive.