How to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger Without Adding More Footage

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger Without Adding More Footage

Whether you live in an old home, a small house or an apartment, you probably have a small bathroom that you wish was larger. Without adding more square footage, here are some things you can do to make your bathroom look visually larger.

  1. Colors

Color trends are fun, but change with time. If you are trying to create a specific look, the color trend for the year just may not be the one that will work for you.  Remember, anytime you want to make a room look larger, light, soft colors tend to give the illusion of more space; use bold and bright accessories and towels to add color and liven up the room.

Light soft colors live illusion of more space
  1. The Ceiling

High ceilings make a room look larger. The illusion of a raised ceiling can be created by painting a molding design around the edge of the ceiling in the same color as the ceiling. Also, keep the color contrast between the walls and ceilings to a minimum. White is often the default choice color for ceilings; white in décor lifts and lightens. If you don’t want to go with pure white, choose a color that is lighter than your walls.

  1. Floating vanity

In a small bathroom space, it can be hard to balance a demand for storage with a desire for space. A floating vanity is a great answer. It gives you lots of room to store daily essentials, but you can still see the floor underneath. If you don’t really need a lot of storage space, consider using a pedestal sink.

Floating Vanity
  1. Mirrors

Incorporate items that reflect light. Mirrors are ideal for increasing not only light but also perceived square footage. A large mirror can double the size of your space. Splurge on a large mirror with a beautiful frame, or go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. The effect can be so powerful that you need little else to make the room complete.

  1. Lighting
Uncovered window, recessed lighting, and sconces all make your bathroom brighter.

Anything that sticks out from an already low ceiling, such as some ceiling lights, will make the entire ceiling feel lower and, consequently, the room smaller. Instead, install recessed lights that take up space within the ceiling itself. Or, forget about ceiling lights and opt for wall lighting instead. Sconces or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror can make the space feel bright and open.

  1. Windows

If your small bathroom has a window, revealing as much of the window as possible will ultimately make the entire room feel brighter and bigger. Windows expand the look of any space, so omitting curtains all together will increase the feeling of spaciousness.

In a small space, everything counts. But certain design concepts fool the eye and make interiors seem much more spacious than they are. Color techniques, lighting, and the right furniture style, like the floating vanity, can make even a small space look brighter and bigger.