Low-Maintenance Plants That Grow Well In New England

Low-Maintenance Plants That Grow Well In New England

Take a Look at These Beautiful Perennial Plants

Winter turns to spring and the flowers are in bloom. If you are looking for beautiful, low-maintenance and hardy plants that will thrive in the climate of the New England region, you may want to consider some of these top performing perennials. As opposed to annuals which live for only one season, perennials come back year after year.

Before selecting your plants, decide where you are going to plant them. Some plants will require full sun to grow healthy while others do well in the shade.  Here are a few you may want to consider:

Plants That Grow Well In Shady Areas:

  • Hosta Plantain Lily. Easy-to-grow and long-living Hostas are shade-loving perennials. They have attractive foliage and low maintenance. Growing season for this plant is spring-summer-fall.
  • Astilbes. Bloom in early spring in shades of pink, red, white and lavender. Relatively trouble-free, Astilbes require little maintenance and are perfect for a shady border
  • Dicentra SpectabilisBleeding Heart. An old garden favorite, this graceful perennial has soft, green foliage and spikes of pink or white heart-shape flowers hanging from arching stems; blooms late spring to early summer, however, it may re-bloom throughout the summer in cool areas.

        PHOTO & TITLE:  Bleeding Heart

Plants That Require Partial Sunlight:

  • Monarda (Bee Balm). Brightly colored in clusters of red, pink, violet, or white flowers-heads, the Bee Balm creates impressive border displays. This plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but many pest will pass it by because of its mint-scented foliage. Growing season is late spring-summer-fall.
  • Hermerocallis – Daylilies. Often called the perfect perennial because of its numerous qualities, Daylilies come in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. Able to survive with very little care in a wide range of climates. Growing season is late spring-summer-fall.
  • Cranesbill – Hardy Geraniums. Easy to grow, hardy geraniums are incredibly tough, pest and disease resistant and do not mind heat or drought. They give a lot and require
  • Heliopsis HelianthoidsFalse Sunflower. The False Sunflower is easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant with bright golden daisies 2-3 inches wide and on display for 6-8 weeks all summer until early fall.

Plants That Need Full Sunlight:

  • Hardy Salvias – Sage is loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Its vertical densely packed flower spikes that range in color from rich indigo-blue to violet to purple, create beautiful and contrasting combinations with other perennials. Growing season is late spring-summer-fall.
Hardy Salvias-Sage
  • Stonecrop Sedums are almost the perfect plant. Stonecrop Sedums are vigorous, good-looking plants with a season lasting more than 6 months. Growing season is mid-late summer, fall and early winter.

When the seasons change in New England, and winter finally fades into spring, it’s time to think about beautifying your yard.  Great-looking landscapes don’t have to be a lot of hard work. If you pick the right plants, you can enjoy a yard that’s filled with color from spring to fall — without having to spend every weekend tending it.