Room-by-Room Flooring Preferences

Room-by-Room Flooring Preferences

New England’s Top Flooring Preferences

If you are looking to sell or remodel your home soon, it’s helpful to know what buyers are searching for. Trends and preferences may vary based the area that you live in. For New Englanders, here are the most popular flooring options broken down into a room-by-room basis.

Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room

By far, the flooring preference here is for hardwood. No other surface even comes close. If you have hardwood in these areas, show it off. If you don’t have hardwood in the living room/dining room, I would strongly consider adding it. You will get your return on investment (assuming you have a plywood sub-floor…if you have concrete sub-floor it will be more expensive). Choose either very dark or very light floors, as these are the most stylish. And, satin finish is the most popular sheen.

Flooring Preferences
Living Room/Dining Room Hardwood Flooring


Believe it or not, now hardwood is now the preferred flooring surface for kitchens. This is followed closely by tile. Hardwood is often preferred as it’s more in style, easier on your feet, makes space look larger and easier to clean.

Flooring Preferences
Kitchen Tile Flooring

Hardwood is often less expensive, too. If you are remodeling, hardwood or tile is the way to go w/ 90% of homeowners preferring one of these two surfaces (10% prefer laminate, vinyl, linoleum or cork).

Flooring Preferences
Kitchen Hardwood Flooring


Homeowners seem to be split on this one. Slightly more than half (56%) prefer hardwood for the bedrooms and 44% prefer carpet. This preference often has been influenced by homeowner’s experiences growing up and whether they are concerned about their feet being cold in the morning. 

Flooring Preferences
Bedroom Carpet Flooring

But, either way, virtually all home buyers will NOT keep the carpet you have in your bedrooms. Home buyers will usually replace the carpet with hardwood. Buyers do not like to live with other people’s carpets, so keep this in mind when deciding on your bedroom flooring options.

Flooring Preference
Bedroom Hardwood Floors

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Article Reference: Debbie Gartner.