Get The Right Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

Get The Right Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

Quality Frameless Glass Shower Screens for Maximum Benefits

Bathrooms tend to be modern and classy these days. Keeping this factor in mind, you have most homeowners opting for frameless glass shower screens.

Before you opt for these, it is advisable to keep the reputation of the manufacturer in mind, so that you are assured of ‘quality’ which can make all the difference to these screens. Shower screens can provide you comfortable bathing experience, and they will enhance the decorative look in your bathroom.

Most of these shower screens are made with glass and you can also choose the frosted glass, colorful glass or transparent glass shower screen as per your need.

Different Types of Shower Screens

  • Single Shower Panels: if you have a small bathroom space then you can install this single shower screen because it will require small space and you can also customize the design as per your requirement.
Shower Screen
Single Shower Panel


  • Glass Shower Screen: A glass shower screen which is curved. This is not available with all the suppliers and you can think of hunting for these online.
Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen
  • Wall Shower Screen: Wall to wall screens with either one fixed panel or probably two. Apart from that, you can also choose the freestyle shower screen, which will stand on the floor, and you do not require to install any additional panels for these screens.
Shower Screen
Wall Shower Screen

What’s the Best Quality Shower Screen for Your Bathroom?

Any homeowner can avail of multiple benefits of these glass shower screens if the quality is given its due importance. There might be shower screens available, which are not so costly, but then instead of enhancing the interiors of a bathroom, they tend to ruin the look.

  • Quality shower screens are long-lasting: Chosen with care and caution, these screens can be long lasting. Good quality can ensure the toughness of these screens. These screens can prevent leakage and since there is no metal involved, the homeowner does not have to worry about any sort of corrosion.
  • Easy to clean: As compared to the framed shower screens, cleaning these screens is easier. As there is no involvement of any metal, there is no cleaning required of any rust and stains. Only a wipe with a damp cloth can clean the shower screen and you can apply some cleaning solutions on the shower screens.

Why Do You Need a Shower Screen?

As mentioned earlier, bathrooms are more for a luxury feel rather than a quick shower. A frameless glass shower screen offers this feel of class and luxury. Besides the looks, you can look forward to the additional comfort provided by these screens.

  • Quality taken into account before opting for these screens can increase the value of your home. This is because most potential buyers will look for a home with the latest amenities, which can add to the beauty of a home.
  • Frameless glass shower screens can blend well with any bathroom designs and styles, as they are transparent. The lighting in the shower and the decorative tiles are also put on display.
  • Most homeowners might hesitate to opt for these as these shower screens do not have any frames to ensure safety. Rest assured, these tend to be absolutely safe as the edges of these frames are first filed to a smooth surface avoiding any danger. The single door ones are made with tempered glass to avoid any shattering.

Choose the frameless glass shower screens from well reputed suppliers and those who can offer you the various options available. Ensure the quality and also make sure to compare the different prices. Different suppliers might charge you differently.

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