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How to Clean Engineered Flooring

Clean Engineered Flooring

One of the reasons people love engineered flooring is that it’s easy to care for! With proper cleaning and maintenance, your engineered wood floor should provide many years of high quality luster, and durability to your home.

Maintaining engineered flooring

Wood surfaces, even those protected by a rugged coat of polyurethane or other finish, need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dirt and sand on the surface will act like sand paper, dulling or removing the finish. Liquids spilled on the floor, and not attended to quickly, can lead to damaged wood and staining.

Use soft-bristled broom

Begin with a soft-bristled broom and dustpan; sweep the floor paying close attention to areas that are more likely to dirt or rocks, such as the entryway.

If you’d prefer not to use a broom or want to make doubly sure that you’ve cleaned up all dirt from the hardwood, you can use a vacuum cleaner on the floor. Make sure to set the cleaner on the “hard floor” mode. This will disable the rotating bristle bar. If left engaged, the rotating bristle bar will scratch and scuff the veneer surface of your floor, and if you scratch your engineered hardwood floor with a bristle bar, the damage may be irreversible.

Turn Rotating Bristle Bar Off When Vacuuming

It is best never to clean your floors with water. If you think you need to use water for cleaning, use a damp mop but make sure you use a towel to dry all moisture left on the floor. A dry microfiber mop will effectively pick up any dirt and debris on the floor including some the broom may have missed and you won’t risk damaging your floor with water.

Damaged Hardwood Floor

If a section of flooring is particularly dirty, stained or had liquid spilled on it, you can clean up it up with a liquid cleaner. Engineered hardwood floors should only be cleaned with a liquid cleaner that has been manufactured by the company that made the floor. Different types of engineered hardwood require different cleaners, and using the wrong type or brand of liquid cleaner could result in serious damage to your hardwood.

Use Rugs Without Rubber Backing for Entrance Ways

Quick Tips on maintaining your engineered floors:

  • Do place rugs-without the rubber backing-at entrances in your home.
  • Do clean the floors on a regular basis – daily may be needed.
  • Do follow manufacturers instruction for your specific floor
  • Don’t use cleaning products designed for tile or vinyl flooring.
  • Don’t use ammonia or other harsh detergents as cleaners
  • Don’t use a steam cleaner, moisture can be forced into the wood and cause damage.
  • Don’t use scouring pads or steel wool