Can a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

Can a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

Why does one home sell quickly while another home within the same neighborhood, takes months to sell? Could it just be luck or did the other homeowner make improvements that made their home more attractive to home buyers?  Some homeowners believe that the value of their home depends largely on how uniquely the interior has been designed. Remember the expression, “First Impressions”? The exterior of the home can have a huge effect on the value of the home. Potential home buyers can decide before stepping foot inside the house that this is or is not their dream home. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, adding a fence can add value to your home.

However, just like any other factor in home improvements, the real value that a fence adds to a home varies and depends mostly on the type of fence and the fence material used; the wrong type of fence and material can actually take away from your home’s value.

Installing a fence in your backyard for privacy purposes will increase marketability for your home with prospective buyers. Homeowners with pets, such as dogs, may require a fence and could be reluctant to purchase a home without one due to the high cost of fencing materials and installation.

Fenced backyard adds privacy and security

Before installing, determine where the fence is needed; its purpose. It should always be positioned at a very advantageous place on your property. If you have an unsightly area around your home, install a fence to cover the area and give it a different and aesthetic look. Select the right height for your fence. A very tall fence in the front of a house simply reduces the attractiveness of the home as opposed to a tall fence in the backyard which could add considerable value to your home.

Fencing can cover unsightly areas around your home

Fence material is a factor that will greatly affect your home’s value. Fencing materials like wood and wrought iron which portray a sense of solidity and security will have a very high rate of return on your investment. While a chain link fence may be less costly, but it does not add beauty to the home’s exterior and the resale value obtained with this addition will be minimal at best.

If you decide to construct a fence to add value to your home, it is imperative to consider professional installation. As with all home improvements, a poor installation will just devalue your property. A fence that is not properly installed will be unable to last the test of time, and so it is always important to get your fence installed by an expert so that when the time comes for you to put your home on the market, its beauty and value will still be intact.

Professional installation will assure it will last for years

A potential homebuyer will not likely overlook a home with a fence that fulfills its purpose of providing security and privacy and beauty to the home; and may in fact, pay more for the home since it will save them time rather than buy one later and have it installed.

A fenced yard will increase the home’s marketability especially for home buyers with pets