5 Tips for Remodeling your Kitchen

5 Tips for Remodeling your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is where meals are prepared, breakfast is shared, kids do their homework, etc. It is a space that gets a lot of traffic through it and therefore you want to be proud of this room. Here are some tips to create the kitchen of your dreams.


The kitchen is a place where people gather, wide walkways will cater to the constant movement of who ever may be cooking, children, and passer-byers. A zone layout is best, meaning having separate eating, cooking, cleaning, and storage spaces. This will also give the layout a more open feel.


Use cabinetry to conceal the recycling and trash in pull out drawers. Ensure the drawers you choose are easy glides and automatic shut as this helps with time, so you are not fussing over shutting or opening a drawer. Put children’s snacks on lower shelves for easier access. Consider rolling cabinetry which doubles as storage and if needed additional counter space. For your fancy dishware use glass front doors for a more decorative touch.


This should be the first purchase in your kitchen remodel, as it will be the most expensive item and will act as a centerpiece for choosing colors, hardware, etc. If your kitchen opens up to another room make sure that the counter flows with that space. For those who cook often varied counter heights help when kids assist the chief. Do not waste space by storing the microwave or other appliances on it, instead mount items on the wall.

Focal Points:

One of the most popular ways to create a focal point in the kitchen is through creating a backsplash which doubles as a design detail and protection from splash of food or water. Try adding colorful furniture or painting cabinets to add a pop. Or perhaps you don’t even need to create a focal point but rather a natural view already exists, in that case add windows!


If debating to upgrade your appliances or not, the answer is upgrade! New appliances make a huge difference. Know your needs, if you do not cook a lot or do not have a large family than it is not necessary to splurge on a really expensive industrial sized fridge. If appliance are not in your budget but you still want the modern stainless steal look, purchase a film that looks like stainless steal and just covers the old appliances.

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