4 Reasons Why you Should Sell your Home This Fall

4 Reasons Why you Should Sell your Home This Fall

Should I Sell My Home Now or Wait Until Spring?

The days are getting shorter, but home shopping advantages are flourishing. The seasons are changing and fall is right around the corner, which could be good for buyers. Fall signals the beginning of a slower market.

Are you in the market for a home? If so, here are some great reasons why choosing to sell your home now may be a better decision than waiting until the spring:

Less Competition
One great reason why selling your home now and not waiting until the spring is there will be less competition in the market. Families who want to be in a new home by the beginning of the school year are no longer shopping at this time. No better time to list your home, the fewer number of comparable homes for sale means greater odds that a buyer will look at your home! This is the supply and demand theory. The less homes there are for sale means the fewer number of of homes for a potential buyer to choose from. This increases the demand for your home. This will also help you get the maximum amount of money for your home.

Some buyers have a difficult time visualizing themselves in a home no matter what you do. However, other buyers are easily “sold” on a falldecorhome simply because it’s staged. “Seasonal” staging can be simple things such as adjusting the color of the decor and having an aroma in the air that is relative to the season. This can possibly be the difference between your home selling or not.

Faster Transactions
There are fewer real estate transactions right now than there will be in the spring. Fewer transactions signify attorney’s have fewer closings, home inspectors have fewer inspections, and the mortgage lenders have fewer loans to process. Quicker transactions means less stress for you.

Never a Better Time Than Now
Are you considering buying a larger, more expensive home? If so you should contemplate doing so now. According to CoreLogic, prices are expected to appreciate over the next year. Moving to a higher priced home could end up costing you more both in both the down payment and the mortgage payment if you wait.