Top-Rated Outdoor Grills for 2017

Top-Rated Outdoor Grills for 2017

Find The Grill That’s Right For You!

Get ready, Set and Go! Spring is here and it is time to get your outdoor living space in shape and ready for summer-time fun. One of the most important things you will need to have ready is your outdoor grill.  If this is the year to replace or buy your first grill, the following reviews may help you select the grill that’s right for you, so when summer time is here, you are ready to go.

Outdoor Grill

Although this list does not include all outdoor grills available, it does include those that have been rated as among the best for 2017.  The list is broken down into two categories-priced from $500-$1000 and priced from $250-$500.

Best-Rated Outdoor Grills 

Price Range: $500-$1000

  1. Weber Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Grill  [Around $699] 

This model boasts a completely redesigned cooking system, including 10-year warranty ignitors. In this price range, this is the grill to beat. Widely available, there are also two, four, and six burner editions of this model.

Outdoor Grill
Weber Genesis II


  • This gas grill heats consistently and evenly for an exceptional grilling experience.


  • There is no side burner

2. Broil King Sovereign 90  [$900]

This unit comes with some very impressive features including a full rotisserie system and the revolutionary Dual-Tube stainless steel burners. The quality of this grill is exceptional and it will last for many years. This is definitely one of the best gas grills on the market.

Outdoor Grill
Broil King Sovereign


  • Full Function Gas Grill with Rotisserie System and Side Burner
  • Dual-Tube Stainless Steel Burners
  • High Heat Output
  • Solid Construction with Durable Components


  • Thin cast aluminum body
  • Expensive for its design

3. Napoleon LEX 485 Gas Grill   [Under $1,000]

Napoleon’s LEX line is the more affordable collection of gas grills, and the LEX485 is the smallest and more basic of this line. This grill is a 3-burner unit with an infrared side burner for searing and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner. Note: The rotisserie kit is extra but if you negotiate the dealer might cut you a deal. The Napoleon LEX 485 gas grill is among the best you can buy, but it  tends to be on the more expensive side.

Outdoor Grill
Napoleon LEX 485


  • Large full feature grill
  • Full rotisserie system
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Comparatively expensive

4. The Holland Grill Liberty [Under $700]

The Holland Grill is a truly unique gas grill.  The Liberty has a single cast iron burner under a metal deflector plate that separates the fire from the cooking chamber. Long-time fans of this grill say that this is one of the most versatile gas grills on the market and that it will never have a flare-up.

Outdoor Grill


  • Versatile cooking abilities
  • Cannot flare-up
  • Solid construction
  • Works ​as a good smoker


  • No direct flame
  • No temperature control
  • Unique cooking system takes time to learn

5. Kitchenaid 5-burner Gas Grill Model #720-0893 [Around $900]

This 5-burner grill has two side burners, one of them infrared.

The burners are 304 stainless steel and covered by a 10-year warranty. The heat output is good; Add in a good standard side burner and a 15,000 BTU infrared side burner for searing and you have a lot of functionality. While not entirely made of stainless, this grill will certainly catch the eye. Just to make sure you know, this grill is made by Nexgrill Industries.

Outdoor Grill


  • Good quality burners
  • 10-year warranty
  • Infrared side burner
  • 5-burner grill


  • Not designed, made, or supported by KitchenAid
  • Low heat output

 Price Range: $250-$500

1. Broil-King Signet 20 [Under $500]

This Broil-King unit has a superior burner design and even heating; The heavy cast iron cooking grates give excellent heat transfer, and the fire box design holds in heat for versatile cooking abilities. This grill is a fantastic value.

Outdoor Grill
Broil King Signet 20


  • Dual-tube stainless steel burners are amazing
  • Solid construction with durable components
  • Heavy cooking grates


  • Some metal pieces are relatively thin
  • Thin cast aluminum lid and body
  • Cannot be converted between LP and Natural Gas

2. Weber Spirit E-310 [Around $600]

The basic 3-burner Spirit Gas Grill offers little more than a cookout, but it is worth it. The Spirit line gas grills are very basic, but well-built and has Weber’s warranty and support.

Outdoor Grill
Webner Spirit


  • Well built


  • Very basic grill for the price

3. Broil King Baron Black 440 [Around  $500]

This unit is a 4-burner gas grill with small, low powered side burner, a fully enclosed cabinet, and plenty of grilling space.

The main burners are Broil King’s dual tube which provides more even heating.

Outdoor Grill
Broil King Baron


  • Dual-tube burners for even heating front to back
  • Quality construction
  • Heavy porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates


  • Under-powered side burner

4. Huntington Patriot 4400 4-Burner [Under $400]

The Huntington Patriot 4-burner has a large cooking grate and good heat output. The engineering is good and relies on Onward Manufacturing’s decades in the industry. This unit is built to be large, but low in price.

Outdoor Grill
Huntington Patriot


  • Basic grill design for a good price
  • Better than average construction at this price
  • Good heat output
  • Good support from the manufacturer


  • Very simple grill
  • Low powered side burner
  • Igniters can be troublesome over the long term

5. Stok 4-burner Quattro Gas Grill [$400]

The unique design of this grill gives you a tremendous amount of versatility in a complete unit. With removable cooking grate sections, you can convert to use a griddle, vegetable basket or pizza stone without turning off the grill or even stopping cooking. The price is right because all these extras come standard.

Outdoor Grill
Stok 4


  • Unique multifunctional cooking system
  • Attractive design


  • Lightweight burners and barriers
  • Side tables get hot during usage

Don’t wait until summer arrives to start looking for your outdoor grill.  Food is too important to take second burner to your other outdoor necessities.