Paver Walkways For Your Home

Paver Walkways For Your Home

Planning for a Paver Walkway

Are you ready to add a creative look to your worn-down walkway or pathway? Or maybe you would like to add some beauty and interest to your landscape?

Pavers can provide an attractive, interesting walkway to your front door, pool, garden or a number of other areas that could use some sprucing up. Pavers can be used to create a simple path or an elaborate entry walkway.

Paver walkways come in many shapes, colors and textures and can be laid in a variety of patterns. They are typically placed over a bed of compacted soil and gravel.

First, determine the location and the purpose of your walkway or pathway and this will help you select the best material to use.

Here are four materials you can choose from when planning to install a paver walkway.

  1. Natural Stone
    Paver Walkway
    Natural Stone Walkway

This is the most popular of all the outdoor walkway materials, however it’s also the most expensive. The main disadvantage of using natural stone is higher costs.

  • It looks great in formal, casual and rustic landscapes.
  • Stone pavers are available in granite, marble, limestone, travertine and slate.
  1. Concrete Walkways
    Paver Walkway
    Concrete Walkway

Concrete walkways can provide a lot of curb appeal and has become a popular choice for outdoor walkways and pathways due to many new decorative options.

  • Concrete is suitable for all outdoor uses, including driveways.
  • It can withstand freezing ground temperatures without cracking or chipping.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain with soap and water.
  • Easy to replace if damaged, and they come with a lifetime warranty.
  1. Aggregate Stone and Rock
    Paver Walkways
    Aggregate Stone and Rock Pathway

This is a good choice if you’re looking for outdoor walkway materials that have a natural, rustic appeal.

  • They are great for natural, free-form gardens and landscapes.
  • Very inexpensive to install.
  1. Brick Outdoor Walkways
    Paver Walkways
    Brick Walkway

This paver walkway creates a classic, timeless look. A brick path is a beautiful way to allow guests to stroll around the grounds and enjoy the views.

  • Traditional appeal, especially when bricks are laid in herringbone patterns rather than straight patterns.
  • Brick is a durable, strong material for outdoor walkways.
  • It’s easily cleaned with a garden hose and strong water pressure.