How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

Nine Simple Ways To Make More Bathroom Space

Small bathrooms can feel cozy and intimate, but can also make you feel restricted and closed in. Unless you live in a custom-built home, designed with a luxurious bath and dressing area, you probably wish you had a larger bathroom.

With a bit of visual magic, color change and lighting, you can transform you small bath into a cozy retreat.

If you can’t enlarge your bathroom space, use these tips to make your bathroom look and feel larger.

  1. Remove any piece of furniture or accessory that sticks out. It will stop where your eye goes and make your room shrink. Small accessories create clutter in small spaces. Cut down on the number of decorative towels and use just one large floor rug. Store whatever else you really need out of sight. Wall shelves, hanging racks or decorative accessories will cut into a room and make it look smaller.
    Small Bathrooms
  2. Reflect the space with mirrors if you space will hold it. Use a larger mirror to place in front of your sink. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room and pick up colors and patterns.
  3. You can create the illusion of a raised ceiling if you paint a lattice or molding design around the edge of the ceiling. Install crown molding around the ceiling and paint it the same color as the ceiling.
    Crown Molding Around Ceiling
  4. Pale, soft color schemes tend to give the illusion of more space. Avoid strong, exciting colors, instead use pastel tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds. “Cool” colors give the feeling of serenity. Wallpaper with a white or light background gives the illusion of a more open space.
  5. Choose light-colored flooring. If you cannot replace the floor, choose a large light-colored rug over your existing floor.
  6. Replace a frosted glass shower door with a frameless, clear shower door. Your shower counts as floor space. Using clear glass will extend the appearance of the room.
    Clear Glass Shower
  7. Consider switching a large vanity for something smaller and this will open up your bathroom space.
  8. Doors that open into small bathrooms can take up a lot of valuable space.  If your home allows for it, consider a pocket door that slides right into the wall rather than taking up floor space.
    Pocket Doors Allow for More Space
  9. Lighting can brighten your bathroom. Recessed lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. Don’t cover windows with curtains, shutters or shades.  Blinds can be opened to bring in light as well as provide privacy.
Bright Bathrooms Look Larger

A clean, neat bathroom always looks larger and more spacious than a cluttered, dirty one! Have only essential must-have’s visible and put away everything else.

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean that it must be dull. It can be a warm and inviting retreat, showing off your sense of color and style.