First Impressions – Great Entranceway

First Impressions – Great Entranceway




great entryway

Set the right tone for your house right off the bat by creating a great entryway that caters to function but speaks to style and invites guest in. You get only one chance to make a first impression. That old saying applies to houses as well as, people. It doesn’t matter if your house is big or small; the entry can set the tone for the full house experience. I may be guilty of being too emotional about houses, but I love the way a house can evoke a feeling. Decorating is my preferred vehicle of expression; much like music or literature, thoughtful design can create a mood.


great entrywayPicture your entry as the first few notes of a great song or the opening line of a poem. Ensure that it makes a good first impression. Make a statement that will entice guests to look further or will welcome loved ones home. Your front entrance way says a lot about you and how you wish to welcome others to your home. Ultimately this first impression is what sells many homes in the market today. If you want to get to know somebody, check out their front entry. From early Chinese philosophy to ancient Greek architecture, front door colors and entryways have always had a lot to say about the character of whomever lives inside.


The style of the entrance will say a lot about the interior architecture of the home. A classic, paneled wooden door will present a traditional look while a door featuring decorative stained glass will appear more contemporary.


Likewise, an industrial-style flat metal door will say the exact opposite of a rustic wooden door with hammered metal hinges. When choosing an exterior door, be sure that it makes sense with what’s to come. Otherwise, guests will feel surprised when they enter and find that the home isn’t what they expected.